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1.5mm single core cable

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Conductor Material: 
Insulation Material:  PVC
Jacket:  Rubber
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※ Large amount of production can be customized upon request.

1.Power cable leading suplier
2.ISO, CCC, CE, UL, VDE certificate
3.XLPE power cable,Competitive price, Best service

Electric cable/Power cables/XLPE power cable Product Description
ISO, CCC, CE, UL, VDE certificate
Conductor material: Cooper/AL
Dielectric material: PVC
Jackets: Rubber

power cable not only has excellent electric,machanical properties,but also has powerful resistance against  chemiacal carrosion,heat-aging and environmental  stress. its structure is simple.the long term operating temperture is +90 degrees. it is convenient to use and can be laid with no restriction of diferent level.
our XLPE cables can be produce accoring to our works'specificaaaaaaation whicn is equivalent IEC 502-1983,  and its some indexes are superior to 502-1983.
we can design and manufacture special XLPE cable according to the other standards. required by the customers.

TYPE  Description Main Application
YJVorYJY YJLVorYJLY XLPE insulated,PVCorPE sheath power cable  For laying indoor,tunnel,canaland underground.unable to bear external mechanical forces ,but bear the traction force during laid
YJV22orYJY23 YJLV22orYJLY23 XLPEinsulated,steel tape armoured,PVCorPE sheath power cable  For laying indoor,tunnel,canaland to bear external mechanical forces ,but unable to bear large pulling force
YLV32orYJV33 YJLVorYJLY33 XLPE insulated fine steel wire armoured,PVCorPE sheath power cable  For laying in shaft,water under groung will large difference of to bear external machanical force and moderate pulling force 
YJV42orYJV43 YJLV42orYJLV43 XLPE insulated, thick steel wire armoured,PVCorPE sheath power cable  For laying in water and seabed,able to bear possitive pressure and pulling force 

Packaging & Delivery
Packaging Detail: standard packing by sea, Wooden drum or steel drum
Delivery Detail: within 15 days

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