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PE wire

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Conductor Material:
Standard: BS standard
Construction: Phase conductor-concentic strand etc.
Certification: ISO:9001:2008

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PE wire Brief introduction

PE line, English full name protecting earthing, simplified Chinese name called [protective conductor], which is what we usually say [ground], provisions in China PE line for the green and yellow lines.

PE wire Specifications and Application

The PE line is designed for the electrical equipment exposed conductive part of the grounded conductor, and is directly connected to the power supply grounding and grounding unrelated to work on (TT) or through the power of neutral point earthing (TN) is not important, the two are called the PE line.
Line N is the neutral line, everybody knows that, not to say.
Line PEN is the conductor has the protective earthing and neutral electrical function. At present, in the engineering for substation low pressure side to the user power line point between a line (TN-C TN-C-S). The PEN line is the original neutral accurate, well grounded, and the need to protect the equipment shell is connected to the PEN line,
So, PEN line with the PE line at the same time the ground properties, also has a N line [neutral line, properties of zero line] drive load
But PEN is usually in order to save materials and application in special places, in accordance with the relevant standard power line deployment, shall be the maximum possible using the PE+N line system, namely the deployment of PE protection line completely independent, but not the PEN this will be bundled with N line and PE line together

PE wire Explain

The PEN system once encountered grounding problem, N line and sometimes because of load imbalance, will be charged, it is easy to cause personal injury.
So remember, if possible, should be the best ability to deploy PE protection line independent, even if not to deploy PE protection is best not to use PEN, PEN line, I personally think that, unless specific areas of need, it is only payable check something, he even than not deployed to protect line also dangerous to

Huadong cable Co.,LTD Services

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our faulty goods and improper files or mistakes made by our instructors, we'll change the goods at once without compensation and
take charge in all expenses of reinstallation.

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