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Hot selling UL standard copper THHN wire

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Conductor Material:
Bare copper, Soft Drawn
Quality: top professional QC
Insulation Material: pvc
Gasoline & oil resistant: Type MTW 90°C Machine Tool Wire (stranded only) 105°

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※ Large amount of production can be customized upon request.
introduction Specifications
1.UL standard copper THHN wire
2.THHN Wire: Copper/PVC/Nylon
3.Standard: UL 83 & 1063
4.Cross section:14awg--4/0
AWG14-4/0 thhn/thwn electrical wire Hot selling Copper PVC Nylon jacket THHN Wire
1. THHN Wire Applications:
THHN building wire is meant for use as general purpose wiring for installation in conduit or other recognized raceway. THHN may also be used for machine tool, appliance and control circuit wiring.
2.THHN Wire Approvals:
· UL listed Stds. 83 & 1063 as: Type THHN Wire 90°C in dry locations, Type THWN Wire 75°C in wet locations.
· A-A-59544, NEMA WC-5, UL-758
· CSA approval upon request
3.THHN Wire Description:
· Conductor:Bare copper, Soft Drawn
· Insulation:PVC
· Jacket:NYLON
· Standard Colors(denoted by a dash and number code following the part number below): Black (-0), Brown (-1), Red (-2), Orange (-3), Yellow (-4), Green (-5), Blue (-6), Violet (-7), Gray (-8), White (-9), Pink (-10), Tan (-11); Striping and Other colors available upon request.
· Gasoline & oil resistant - Type MTW 90°C Machine Tool Wire (stranded only) 105°C AWM, 80°C where exposed to oil.
4.THHN Wire Ratings:
· THHN-THWN: 75°C Oil, 75°C Wet, 90°C Dry, 600V
· THWN-2: 75°C Oil, 90°C Wet, 90°C Dry, 600V
· MTW: 60°C Oil, 60°C Wet, 90°C Dry, 600V
· AWM 1316 to 1321: 80°C Oil, - Wet, 105°C Dry, 600V
· AWM 1408 to 1414: 60°C Oil, 60°C Wet, 90°C Dry, 600V
· AWM 1452 to 1453: 80°C Oil, - Wet, 90°C Dry, 600V
· T90 NYLON: 60°C Oil, - Wet, 90°C Dry, 1000V
· TWN 75: - Oil, 75°C Wet, - Dry, 600V
Product features:
1, The nylon jacket line termite, rodent, heat resistance
2, Nylon jacket line without any harm to the surrounding environment, green, environmentally friendly, and is best with a line of home improvement equipment power, lighting.
3,  Nylon jacket line with light weight, smooth appearance, lubricity nylon itself, threading is not easy bruising, easy to wear pipe laying, and installed laying brings convenience and economy.
4,Having a high mechanical strength and excellent abrasion resistance, cold resistance, surface hardness, flexural strength, impact strength, chemical resistance, oil resistance, gasoline resistance and self-lubricating properties.
5,Upgrading of products: home improvement wires commonly used in the United States and Europe, good thermal stability and resistance to thermal shrinkage performance trial, THHN Wire. This will help to avoid applying location overheating of the wire insulation shrink nylon sheath exposed copper lead to the possibility of a short-circuit fault effectively solve the defects caused by ordinary wire and cable fire accident.
6,Ability to withstand considerable short-circuit current, 5 seconds short circuit withstand a temperature higher than the ordinary type of PVC. This is because of the nylon jacket, nylon melting point of 215 °C and above.
7, Based on the experience in the use of the United States and domestic trials confirmed the nylon line 2 times the life of ordinary PVC insulated wire, up to 40 years or more.

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