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Heat resistant, high temperature resistant Fluoroplastics Cable

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Conductor Material: Copper/Al
Core: 1~5 cores or multi core
Characteristic:Heat resistant, high temperature resistant
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※ Large amount of production can be customized upon request.

Fluoroplastics Cable Introduction

Fluoroplastics Cable, used to refer to the fluorine plastic wire and cable jacket. Fluorine plastic cable with weather resistance, excellent heat resistance, friction coefficient is small, stable chemical property, good electrical insulation properties. Therefore, fluorine plastic cable has an important application in the petroleum, chemical, metallurgy, electric power, aerospace and other harsh environment industry. In wire and cable production, the fluorine plastics commonly used with PTFE, FEP, polyvinylidene fluoride, tetrafluoroethylene and ethylene copolymers, used in the manufacture of all kinds of heat, high temperature resistant insulated wire, measure (oil) wells, geological exploration cable cable, heating cable, F grade and H grade motor lead wiring, radiation resistance wire, electromagnetic wire, coaxial cable, flame-retardant cable A type cable for coal mine.

Fluoroplastics Cable Species

Fluorine plastic insulated cable can be made into solid core and two forms, of which the physical foaming plastic cable fluoride in the production and use of abroad, in China is still in the development process, fluorine plastic cable usual we say usually refers to the real core fluorine plastic cable.

Three kinds of forms: single core cables, coaxial cable, multi-core cable.

1, the single core fluoroplastics cable
Or high temperature electric wire, its structure is the inner conductor is single or multi strand copper wires (tinned copper wire), conductor diameter 0.4~2.0MM, fluorine plastic insulation, insulation layer thickness in 0.3~0.5MM, commonly used for lighting line aviation wire, electronic and electrical equipment wiring and special occasion.

2, coaxial fluoroplastics cable
The inner conductor is single or multi strand copper lead (copper and tin silver copper), diameter of 1.25~1.6MM, there are three kinds of forms: A fluorine plastic insulation, insulation, thickness of 0.5~0.7MM, B, fluorine plastic foam insulation, thickness of 2.5~3.0MM, C, fluorine plastic and polyethylene composite insulation, and the inner layer with Fluoroplastic insulation, outer PE insulated, the fluorine plastic thickness of 0.04~0.07MM. This type of cable used for radio-frequency cables and electronic device connecting line.

3, multi core fluoroplastics cable
Single core wires or coaxial cables are twisted together, convenient for multi core cable. The twisted pair, there are non stranded, which are used for industrial computer control and automation instrumentation control, for the five class, special occasions over category five cable, data transmission, audio and video transmission, also the fluorine plastic cable.

Fluoroplastics Cable Characteristic

Fluorine plastic has high chemical stability and resistance to chemical corrosion, high temperature resistant, resistant, flame-retardant properties, so it is widely used in the wire and cable industry, special cable such as: high temperature resistant cable, flame retardant cable, corrosion resistant cables are used as the outer layer of fluoroplastic sheath. The following characteristics of fluorine plastic wire and cable have:
1, flame retardant: oxygen index of fluorine plastics, flame spread, smoke less. The production of flame retardant cable for the strict requirement of places, such as computer network, Metro, vehicle, high-rise buildings and other public places, once the fire, people can have a certain amount of time to alienation, and not by the thick smoke, to win the precious rescue time.
2, excellent electrical properties: relative to polyethylene, lower dielectric constant, fluorine plastic, therefore, compared with the coaxial cable with the structure, less attenuation of fluorine plastic cable, more suitable for high frequency signal transmission, use frequency is higher in cable has become the tidal current, while the fluorine plastic and can resist high temperature, so between the commonly used for communication equipment internal wiring, wireless transmission feeder and transmitter jumper and video audio line. In addition, fluorine plastic cable dielectric strength, insulation resistance, suitable for control cable for important instrumentation.
3, high temperature resistant: fluorine plastics with thermal stability of out of the ordinary, the fluorine plastic cable can adapt to high temperature environment 150~200, and polyethylene, PVC cable common applies only to the 70~90 working environment. In addition, in the same section of the conductor conditions, fluorine plastic cable can transmit more allowable current, this greatly improves the application range of the cable, because of the unique properties, fluorine plastic cable used in aircraft, ships, high temperature oven and electronic equipment internal wiring, wiring etc..
4, mechanical and chemical properties of perfect: chemical bonding fluorine plastics can be high, with a high degree of stability, it is little affected by temperature changes, has excellent weathering resistance and mechanical strength; and is not affected by all kinds of acid, alkali and organic solvent effect, so it is suitable for environment and climate change, corrosive occasions, such as petrochemical, oil refining, instrument control etc..
5, in favor of welding connection: in electronic instruments, there are a lot of wiring is connected by welding method, since the melting temperature of general plastic low, easy to melt in the high temperature, the need for skilled welding technology, and some solder joints must be welded for some time, this is also a reason for the fluorine plastic cable welcome, such as communication equipment and electronic instrument internal wiring.
6, fluorine plastic raw material prices high, the cable is difficult to produce: high production cost, selling price is high, which limits the application of products, however, because of this, the competition of manufacturers less, require the use of fluorine plastic cable customers will not be too care about the price factor.

Several commonly used DDR, DBR cable insulation material

Head, head to the recommended temperature (℃)

Fluoroplastics Cable Packaging & Delivery

Packaging Details: Fluoroplastics Cable will be packed in wooden drums or steel-wooden drums or as your request.
Delivery Detail: 20-25days

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