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Estimation and selection of house wire specifications

Information Source:Henan Huadong Cable Co., Ltd  Release date:2014-02-09

A complete set of residential power distribution system, in addition to the design of electrical equipment on line layout, location, according to the specifications of power, the household electric equipment such as the voltage level selection of the conductor is particularly important. Especially in recent years, urban and rural buildings, after the completion of the "blank Housing" (without complete sets of housing decoration) delivered to users. The primary task of user received housing decoration, decoration design and installation of circuit is one of the important content of housing in the decoration engineering. The basic requirements of modern housing circuit is safe, durable decoration, beautiful. In order to meet these requirements, the wire material models, specifications, selection should be the following requirements.

1 specific requirements of design and installation of circuit

(1) the carrying capacity of wire must meet the requirements of electrical equipment. The long time power operation. The heating temperature does not exceed the allowable value.

(2) pressure rating should be consistent with the home lighting lighting electric voltage requirements. The insulating layer in the 220V lighting voltage can long time work security and stability.

(3) the mechanical strength of the conducting wire should be able to meet the requirements of indoor wiring. That will not be broken, in the construction and use of the process sprain.

Indoor wiring, wire and other materials, pressure rating is not difficult to solve, because the current market supply products pressure more than 500V, can be directly purchase. The modern family line installation of pipeline flush with the wall, ceiling or floor, the wire is not affected significantly by the mechanical stress, so not too much to consider mechanical strength wire. In the home circuit installation, must be carefully, carefully according to the household electric equipment power measure and other electric equipment wire carrying capacity, determine the types and specifications. Can buy in the market.

2 The main line capacity choice

The statistics of household electric equipment power kW (kW) number, according to single-phase power supply (220V) calculation, the current power per kilowatt corresponding to 4.5A, the total current in order to calculate the household electricity. In the estimation should consider the use of motor in household electrical appliances such as refrigerators, air conditioners, power, washing machine, electric fan, such as vacuum cleaners are used in motor, the motor power factor at around 0.8, usually is estimated at 0.8. Electric appliances such as electric cooker, electric cooker, electric stove, incandescent lamp, power factor can be considered as 1. The total household electric current consists of two parts as follows.

(1) with electric current electric appliances and incandescent lighting:

Electric heating appliance, incandescent lamp total kW x 4.5A

(2) for electric lighting electric appliance and the fluorescent lamp:

[(electric appliances, the total number of fluorescent lamp kW) /0.8] × 4.5A

The sum of the two currents into the household electric current sum. Family distribution, general use copper core plastic wire, take multiple (2 or 3) wire wear in the same plastic tube. Cross sectional area selected main wire can be selected according to the total current household electricity. Usually household electric current sum is below 10A. Selected for cross-sectional area of 1.0mm2 wire: household electricity total current between 10 ~ 14A, selected for cross-sectional area of 1.5mm2 wire: household electricity total current between 14 ~ 19A, selected for cross-sectional area of 2.5mm2 wire; household electricity total current between 19 ~ 26A, selected for cross-sectional area of 4.0mm2 wire household electric current; the sum of between 26 ~ 34A. Selected for cross-sectional area of 6.0mm2 wire: household electricity total current between 34 ~ 46A. Selected for cross-sectional area of 10mm2 wire: household electricity total current between 46 ~ 61A, selected for cross-sectional area of 16mm2 wire: household electricity total current between 61 ~ 80A, selected for cross-sectional area of 25mm2 wire.

3 The branch line selection

Family branch refers to the total switch wire shunt circuit were sent to the living room, dining room, kitchen, bathroom, and bedroom. The method of calculation and selection and the bus are part of the same. But because these places often have larger power electrical appliances, such as living room, dining room, bedroom with air-conditioning, kitchen refrigerators, electric rice cooker, electric cooker, Zanussi cooker hoods (or exhaust fan), toilet Yuba, washing machine etc.. So in the room to design power line, in addition to the above formula should also have sufficient margin. Special attention to the power supply wire electrical power must be drawn directly from the family distribution box, is not allowed to connect in the other family distribution line, otherwise serious overload, short circuit, easily lead to serious accidents such as fire.

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