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Hard drawn aluminium wire for overhead line conductors technical specification

Information Source:Henan Huadong Cable Co., Ltd  Release date:2014-02-09

This specification refers to "hard wire for overhead line conductors (GB/T 17048-2009)" standards.

1 Scope
This specification describes the material procurement "hard wire for overhead line conductors" requirement, test method, inspection rules, packaging, marking and storage.

2 normative references
GB/T 3048.2-2007 wire and cable electrical performance test method of second parts: metal material resistivity experiment (IEC 60498:1974, MOD)
GB/T 4909.3 bare wire experiment third parts: tensile test
GB/T 4909.7 bare wire experimental method seventh part: winding test

3 By numerical calculation of hard wire
When calculating, numerically using the following hard aluminum wire:
Resistivity at 20 ℃, the maximum (n Ω· m) 28.264 (equivalent to 61.0%IACS)
At 20 ℃ density (kg/dm3) 2.703
Coefficient of linear expansion (1/ ℃) 23310-6
20 ℃ temperature coefficient of resistance (1/ ℃) 0.00403

4 requirements

4.1 material
Hard drawn aluminium wire shall be required purity aluminum, to achieve the standard mechanical and electrical properties. The aluminum content should not be less than 99.5%.

4.2 diameter and diameter tolerance
Nominal diameter hard aluminum, mm, accurate to two decimal places.
Hard drawn aluminium wire for each measurement diameter and nominal values of the difference is not greater than the corresponding value specified in table 1.

The diameter and diameter tolerance table 1 hard aluminum wire

Nominal diameter d

The diameter and diameter tolerance table 1 hard aluminum wire

To test whether the hard wire diameter in accordance with the above requirements, the diameter should be measured two times in the same section and mutually perpendicular to the direction of.

4.3 The joint
Hard drawn aluminium wire in the final before drawing allow joint. But if the following conditions, finished hard aluminum also allow for a joint:
A) into a ring hard aluminum 500kg and above;
B) joint of the loop forming hard aluminum in no more than one;
C) containing a joint of the number ring into the ring hard wire does not exceed the total number of turns 10%;
D) when the user requirements, factory should provide evidence, shows that the tensile strength of joint is not less than 130MPa.
With a joint into the circle of finished hard wire should be obvious.

5 inspection rules

5.1 sampling
A separate line sample shall be selected from any of a number of manufacturing plants in hard wire delivered 10% test section 5.3 and section 5.4 provisions of the. If the quality assurance procedures, sampling proportion by negotiation.

5.2 The test sites
Unless otherwise agreed in the supply and demand sides of the order, all specimens shall be carried out in the factory.

5.3 mechanical performance test

5.3.1 tensile test
According to the sampling method of paragraph 5.1, the interception from each sample the last specimen, the test was conducted according to the provisions of GB/T 4909.3. Mobile speed tensile testing machine chuck should not be less than 25mm/min, shall not be greater than 100mm/min.
The tensile strength of hard wire should be not less than the corresponding value of 2 specified table.

Table 2 tensile strength of hard aluminum wire

Nominal diameter  d/mm
Tensile strength (minimum value)/MPa

5.3.2 winding test
According to the sampling method of paragraph 5.1, the interception from each sample the last specimen, winding test was carried out according to the provisions of GB/T 4909.7.
Not to exceed the speed of 60r/min, the diameter and the same diameter hard aluminium Mandrel winding 8 turns, then unwinding 6 laps, re tightly coiled, hard wire should not break.

5.4 resistivity test
According to the sampling method of paragraph 5.1, the interception from each sample the last specimen, by test method GB/T 3048.2-2007 column specified measuring the resistivity. The resistivity of 20 ℃ should be not more than 28.264n Ω· M.

6 the appearance
Hard aluminum surface should be smooth, without any defects and good commodity Department commensurate.

7 certificate
If a user, manufacturer shall provide certificate given samples, all test results.

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