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Analysis Chinese EHV cable advantages

Information Source:Henan Huadong Cable Co., Ltd  Release date:2014-02-10

Chinese UHV technology has developed rapidly in recent years, not only conquered the world class technical country, and a number of standard became the world standard, as a technical level is not high in developing countries, the technology of electric power industry China can achieve such a high achievement, a thing to be proud of. In recent years, Chinese UHV projects continue to be implemented, continued success, one after another good news in context. For the development of Chinese UHV technology.

Can say, China UHV Engineering achievement. In recent years China with a high quality of UHV technology conquered the world: Jindongnan - Nanyang - Jingmen 1000000 volt high-voltage AC engineering, Jinping - South of Jiangsu - 800000 volts HVDC project, Huainan - Zhejiang - Shanghai 1000000 volts AC high voltage engineering, has just passed the acceptance of the Xiangjiaba - Shanghai + 800000 volts DC power transmission project and are debugging south of Hami - Zhengzhou + 800000 volt high-voltage direct current engineering and construction in left - Zhejiang Jinhua + 800000 volts high-voltage direct current engineering, Zhejiang - Fuzhou 1000000 volts AC high voltage engineering......

This is a difficult UHV project are the national grid one one conquer, overcome these world-class problems proved Chinese UHV technology level, these special high-voltage engineering are the crystallization Chinese power industry to achieve scientific and technological innovation.

Is now a UHV project recently is Xiangjiaba - Shanghai ± 800000 volt high-voltage DC transmission project, just two weeks ago, the final acceptance of the work conference held in Beijing, the national energy board gave a high evaluation of the project, think to UHVDC project high volume, high technical difficulty, China State Grid Corp adhere to independent innovation, to capture a series of international technical problem, engineering a total success.

Indeed, Xiangjiaba - Shanghai ± 800000 volt high-voltage DC transmission project is an absolutely can let the power industry in many developed countries of the world to its knees project, in this project, the national power grid to achieve a number of breakthroughs: DC transmission technology from 1000 km, 3000000 kW level for more than 2000 km range, 8000000 kW; developed the first voltage rank the highest in the world, the largest capacity, transportation constraints and 500000 volts transformer equivalent converter transformer.

There is an important significance to the Xiangjiaba - Shanghai ± 800000 volt high-voltage DC transmission project, it is proved by the project of UHV DC technique is successful, and can be popularized and applied. The project put into operation for 3 years, has been safe and stable operation, the cumulative power transmission 47300000000 kwh, a strong guarantee for the efficient send Xiangjiaba power station and the southwest margin of hydropower.

Chinese UHVDC technology continues to overcome the world problem, development of UHV AC technology has attracted worldwide attention. International long ago by the International Electrotechnical Commission, the German Association of electrical engineers and China China State Grid Corp jointly sponsored the "Smart Grid Forum", a feeling of exaltation upon fulfillment China Chinese electric power enterprises, power industry to participate in the preparation of 19 criteria including UHV AC voltage, international, established a system of UHV and smart grid technology standard system, at present already formulate enterprise standards 356, occupation standard 90, 44 national standards, establishment of an international standard 19, UHV AC voltage as an international standard voltage.

UHV technology China why can become the world's standard? Rely mainly on the strength to speak. Put into operation nearly 5 years of Jindongnan - Nanyang - Jingmen 1000000 volts AC high voltage engineering, is the world's first commercial operation of 1000000 kV transmission line. Previously, the Soviet Union, Italy, Japan, America has successively carried out experimental research, but has not formed mature technology and standard, but there is no complete sets of electrical equipment. The project to overcome the electromagnetic high voltage, strong current and insulation technology world challenge, achieving a comprehensive breakthrough in voltage control, external insulation technology, complete sets of equipment, electromagnetic environment control, construction, test research ability six aspects.

Can say, Jindongnan - Nanyang - Jingmen 1000000 volts AC high voltage engineering significance, the project led to the electric power science and technology level of our country significantly improved and power transmission equipment manufacturing industry upgrade, greatly enhance China's influence and power of discourse in the International Electrotechnical field, established in China in the international leader in the field of high voltage transmission position.

In the field of UHV Chinese, a breakthrough after breakthrough. In September 25th, Anhui power to send the East UHV -- Huainan - Zhejiang - Shanghai 1000000 volts AC high voltage engineering commissioning, become an important milepost UHV development history of the world. According to introduction, the project is the first commercial operation of the world on the same tower double circuit UHV AC power transmission project, the transmission capacity per unit corridor than single loop technique to increase one times, represents the most high level international high voltage AC transmission technology development, equipment manufacturing and engineering application.

Anhui power to send the East UHV not only promoted the international high voltage AC transmission technology to achieve new breakthroughs, but also promote the electrical equipment manufacturing level of our country to a new level. For this project, the State Grid paid a great deal of effort, more than 100 units to organize domestic electric power, machinery industry, based on domestic, independent innovation, comprehensively conquer the planning design, common tower double circuit UHV AC transmission system equipment manufacturing, installation, testing, commissioning and a series of problem in the world. The project in the world first in the successful development of OLTC UHV Transformer, rated capacity of 240000000000000 of the single column UHV high resistance and other major equipment, technology level and safety reliability of domestic UHV equipment with system improvement, can realize mass production.

Not only that, the innovation practice of Anhui Electric east send special high-voltage engineering, each link management, China's power transmission project construction, scientific research, design, manufacturing, construction and operation to achieve a new leap forward, laid a solid foundation for the large-scale construction of UHV power grid.

IEC chairman Claus Wu Heller's words can be summarized the status China UHV technology in the world, at the recent meeting of the 2013 International Smart Grid Forum IEC chairman Claus Wucherer thinks, there are energy resources are unevenly distributed in many countries in the world, at the same time UHV long distance transmission can reduce the loss, in the the rest of the world will have a wide application prospect. At present Chinese of UHV transmission technology in the world leading level, as the international standard voltage, Chinese UHV AC voltage standard will promote to the world.

China UHV has been made to attract people's attention achievements, but the national grid will not stop for immediate results, but will be based on-line to stable operation, accelerate the development of UHV technology. Will be put into operation by the end of the Hami in South Zhengzhou + 800000 volt high-voltage DC transmission project, and in left - Zhejiang Jinhua UHVDC project delivery capacity is larger, more advanced technology, the domestic level higher, will further develop UHV DC transmission technology of long distance, large capacity, high efficiency advantages.

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