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Cable products in South Africa to obtain SABS certification

Information Source:Henan Huadong Cable Co., Ltd  Release date:2014-02-10

Broad market in South Africa has caused China cable enterprises concern. However, Chinese wire and cable products to enter the market in South Africa, South Africa must obtain SABS certification.

This paper introduces the SABS company of South Africa's certification, certification process, certification, certification of cable enterprise application on internal coordination and reception of SABS audit experts need to pay attention to home, the cable companies to provide some constructive ideas through the SABS certification, to promote enterprises to improve the efficiency of domestic cable by South Africa's SABS certification, improve our country enterprise in cable South Africa and Africa influence.

One, South Africa SABS cable certification

According to the 1945 enactment of the "national standard" set up by the South African Bureau of standards (South African Bureau of Standards, SABS, hereinafter referred to as SABS, the standard code for the SANS), belonging to the South African Department of trade and industry. SABS is a neutral third party certification body, operates mainly in South African domestic system certification and product certification. SABS is setting standards (SANS), and on behalf of the South African government management of mandatory standards, the system or products through the certification, awarded the rights to use the logo, in addition to operating certificate in compliance with ISO9001, ISO9002 enterprise, and on behalf of the state and the main buyer responsible for shipping inspection and testing certificate before.

SABS certification is widely used in chemical, biological products, fiber products and clothing, machinery products, safety equipment, electrical products (China domestic cable and related industries accounted for the domestic electrical industry output value of 1/4), civil and architectural and automotive products.

In recent years, the South African government certification has become an important weight control products import. In the product to obtain the SABS certificate, also need to provide the local agent information to South Africa, the South African government will issue a LOA (Letter of Authorization) to the agents, at this time, the customer will be products are sold to South Africa's domestic.

South Africa's economic level in the leading position Africa countries in South Africa, so the SABS certification has been Africa most countries recognized and accepted, one of which is the product or system quality. China the first through the SABS enterprise is the official Lin cable factory, in July 3, 2007 the company was awarded the batch total standard nearly 10000000000 Rand in all international part 2300000000 rand (about 2500000000 yuan) five years supply contract. The successful bidder to encourage domestic cable companies, great and so on 2008, in our country started in South Africa's SABS certification tidal wave delay for a long time, there are still companies have joined the ranks of certification.

So, it seems particularly important to understand the basic certification process from SABS company of South Africa, here for everyone to do a simple introduction.

Two, South Africa's SABS certification process

South Africa's SABS cable certification, including low voltage XLPE power cable, overhead cables (including ACSR is best, although sales in South Africa, South Africa is relatively rich, but the country is still in the construction phase, the huge demand for low-end products), electrical equipment and cable (such as rubber insulating mineral cable, rail transportation class).

The authentication requires the following steps: first, the domestic cable companies to South Africa SABS company puts forward to apply for certification, the certification project application, then, discuss the implementation of the project application after the certification of funds into the account designated by SABS company of South Africa (Note: the South African company SABS certification experts including district manager, specialist, accommodation, local transportation such costs are borne by the applicant need domestic cable companies), generally speaking, South Africa SABS certification experts expected 10-30 days can reach the cable company proposed for certification for target audit (audit: audit objectives of each batch of projects are different, the author suggests to apply for certification of cable companies can put all one-time audit the final audit project, the aging test and stepwise breakdown test, reduce the audit cycle), including: audit, audit testing equipment is not in conformity with the products, raw materials procurement audit, process audit and quality control, quality audit, the factory site safety audit, production license review, audit, audit customer complaint records, storage and transportation of audit, equipment repair. In general, the cable companies need a full-time English translation, all departments need to assist the work of the functional departments. Suggestions for cable enterprise certification in advance at an internal certification coordination, ensure information symmetry, the implementation of the person responsible for. Time SABS cable certification in consumption is the longest detection, namely the XLPE medium voltage power cable insulation aging test and step by step to long-term breakdown test, based on the standard SANS 1339:2010 and SANS 6284:2007 and GB/T12706-2008, one of the most obvious difference is the working frequency, the GB/T12706-2008 specified frequency is 50 Hz, while the SANS 6284:2007 provisions frequency is 500 Hz, presents great challenges and requirements of the domestic equipment, according to the past experience knowledge, the current state of domestic only Jiangsu province Guan Lin Zhen a cable company and Shanghai cable wire and cable testing center with such equipment, and the national wire and cable testing center testing equipment and testing results of the recognition company, only for the cable enterprise certification and convenient application. Long term aging at 500 Hz in the experiment, we must ensure that the aging equipment of accurate and continuous normal work performance, so as not to give up halfway, eliminating the trouble to do the experiment. If because the device causes to do the test, it will produce two tangible costs, a South African SABS Certified Expert certification fees, accommodation and travel expenses; another is unable to supply for certification postponed to order, please apply for certification of enterprises must ensure that the test equipment can work sustained within the time limit, it can communicate with SABS company of South Africa, test.

During the South African experts recommended certification audit, consulting the company more than other cable products, to collect relevant standards, to prepare for future requirements, one of the best collection of low and medium pressure detection, identification standard.

Three, SABS cable certification logo

Here are some identification authentication SABS cable:

Four, cable companies through the SABS certification experience sharing

Cable companies through the SABS certification will be able to get ticket to South Africa and Africa market, how to effectively, a one-time through the SABS certification is very important, so we summarize a few points:

1, clear to the certified products, certification application to the South African SABS, the certification of funds to each other before, must make clear the SABS certification process, certification, certification number each time, every time the certification, certification number, at the same time to finalize the South SABS company to provide invoice time;

2, and Shanghai Electric Cable Research Institute, the national wire and cable testing center testing project and communicate well in advance of time;

3, Related certification product internal digestion SABS in South Africa's standard, such as learning, organizational personnel: quality management department, technology department, production factory engineer, record training personnel, time, lecturer training information;

4, with an interpreter, a technologist, a specialist tracking, improve the efficiency of;

5, internal coordination meeting held prior to certification, certification, certification process, meaning that there are difficulties and the expected results.

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