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List of wire and cable companies

Information Source:Henan Huadong Cable Co., Ltd  Release date:2014-02-10

Hengtong photoelectric (Stock Code: 600487) (Jiangsu Hengtong Au Optronics Co) Jiangsu Hengtong Au Optronics Co was founded in 1993, specializing in the production of key national Enterprise Inc of various types of optical cable, is now a large-scale light fiber cable industry chain. Annual production capacity of 12000 kilometers, 11000000 kilometers of power cable communication cable, becoming the main supplier of global cable

Zhongtian Technology (Stock Code: 600522) (Jiangsu transit Polytron Technologies Inc) Zhongtian Technology main optical fiber communication and power transmission products has formed a series of nearly a hundred, thousands of varieties, included our country optical cable of the latest products and technology

Baosheng company (Stock Code: 600973) (Baosheng technology Limited by Share Ltd) the company is mainly engaged in wire and cable and cable accessories development, manufacturing, sales and related production technology development. The company has many world-class level of imported equipment and domestic first-class level of key equipment, the product coverage of bare conductors, electrical equipment with cable, power cable, communication cable four categories

Gold electrical (Stock Code: 002533) (gold electrical Limited by Share Ltd) the main business for the R & D, wire and cable and wire products production and sales. Company annual output value of 3000000000 Yuan, the leading product for the 110kV level and below XLPE cable, 1000kV level and lower overhead and electromagnetic wire (transposed conductor, the paper covered wire, oxygen free copper bar), and can produce special cable, control cable, aerial cable, mining cable, electric wire cloth, frequency cable, computer cable such as the 7 major categories of more than 10000 varieties of products specifications

Zhongchao cable (Stock Code: 002471) (Jiangsu Zhongchao cable Limited by Share Ltd) the company main products are electric wire and cable of 35kV and below, including the power cable, electrical wire and cable equipment and bare wire three major categories, including more than 500 kinds of models, more than 10000 kinds of specifications

Sanpu Pharmaceutical (Stock Code: 600869) (Far East Holding Group Co., Ltd.) far east Holding Group Co., Ltd. was founded in 1990, is based on wire and cable, medicine, real estate, investment is the core business of large-scale private joint-stock enterprise group, as the domestic cable industry is the largest of the Shanghai A shares in listing Corporation.

Sun cable (Stock Code: 002300) (Fujian Nanping sun cable Limited by Share Ltd) the company's main products are: data cable; 500KV and XLPE insulated cables (containing flame retardant, fire resistance, low smoke halogen-free, water the tree); plastic power cable (containing flame retardant, fire-resistant); overhead insulated cable; construction of overhead conductors; ACSR cable; computer; B, R series plastic line; car line; control cable, RF cable; general rubber sheathed cable; cable; cable for ship; locomotive cables; cables for nuclear power station; wind cable; non rewirable plug lines; environmental protection wire and cable; wire and cable design, environmental protection manufacturing, sales and service.

Cyclones cable (Stock Code: 002276) (Zhejiang Cyclones cable Limited by Share Ltd) founded in 1996, after years of development, has become a collection of scientific research, design, manufacturing, sales in one of the large cable manufacturer, is that the national Ministry of science and technology of national torch plan Ling'an wire and cable industry base backbone enterprises.

Nanyang shares (Stock Code: 002212) (Guangdong Nanyang cable group Limited by Share Ltd) founded in 1985, headquartered in Shantou, the existing 2 wholly-owned subsidiaries -- Guangdong Nanyang EHV cable Co. Ltd., Nanyang cable (Tianjin) Limited and 1 subsidiary company -- Guangzhou Nanyang cable Co., ltd.. PVC material products specializing in the production of wire and cable and supporting the production of wire and cable. Is the production of wire and cable Southern China region of the largest enterprises.

TBEA (Stock Code: 600089) (TBEA transformer Limited by Share Ltd), the annual production capacity of 80000 MVA; 110kV level above the wire and cable production capacity of nearly 2500000000 yuan. To reach the world advanced level in ultra high voltage transmission, DC transmission, large hydropower and nuclear power development key power transmission and transformation equipment

Cable shares (Stock Code: 002498) (Qingdao cable Limited by Share Ltd) wire and cable high-tech R & D and production management of national key high-tech enterprises, China cable industry the backbone of large enterprises, the total assets of 4000000000 yuan. The existing staff of 2000 people, the main products: power cables, cable accessories, marine series cable, optical composite cables, electrical equipment, wire and cable, overhead wire, communication cable, RF cable, busbar and prefabricated branch cable, nuclear power plant cable, fireproof cable, superconducting cable, cable, control cable, bare high, low pressure cabtyre cable logging cable branch cable

Star Cable (Stock Code: 603333) (Sichuan Star Cable Limited by Share Ltd) leading products have nuclear power plants dedicated cable, 35kV high voltage XLPE cable, rubber cable, mining, marine wind / solar power cable, military, aerospace special cable, cable for offshore oil platform such as the 38 series, products are widely used in nuclear power plants petroleum and petrochemical, wind power, new energy field, military, aerospace and other fields and major project.

In the interest of science and Technology (Stock Code: 002309) (Zhongli Technology Group Limited by Share Ltd) formerly known as Changshou City Tang City cable factory, product scope of business communication cables, marine cables, mining cables, railway and rail transit with cable, power cable, cable, optical cable, new energy solar cell and its components and other products; group under: Lee Tenghui Photovoltaic Technology Co., Ltd., Shenzhen City, in the interest of Science & Technology Co Ltd, Guangdong German cable Co. Ltd., Changshou City Zhonglian photoelectric New Material Co., Ltd., Zhongli Technology Group (Liaoning) Company Limited, Changzhou ship cable limited liability company, star (Asia) Limited company of science and technology, Changshou City Lee photoelectric technology research center, Jiangsu Changfei Zhongli optical fiber and cable Co. Ltd., Suzhou Kebao Photoelectric Technology Co., Ltd. 9 holdings, a subsidiary and a research center.

The optical cable (Stock Code: 300265) (Jiangsu Tongguang electronic cable Limited by Share Ltd) business scope: cable, aluminum plastic composite material, cable and food packaging composite materials, auxiliary materials, cable and telecommunications engineering materials (production, sales); operating the enterprise self-produced products and technology export business and the enterprise required machinery and equipment, spare parts, raw materials and technology import business. The optical cable products are mainly for the OPGW, ADSS, OPPC power cable.

Xin Branch materials (Stock Code: 600255) (Anhui Xinke new materials Limited by Share Ltd) holding Wuhu Xin Rui Trading Co. Ltd.; have a provincial-level technology center; under the precision Copperbelt branch, branch, copper rod shaped copper branch, branch, copper wire and cable branch, supply company, import and export company, logistics branch.

Luneng Taishan (Stock Code: 000720) (Shandong Luneng Taishan cable Limited by Share Ltd) founded in 1966, a large enterprise of the state, the leading product for the 1--220kV XLPE cables, plastic power cable, 1-35KV overhead cables, bare wire, branch cable, electrical wire and cable equipment, telephone cable, fiber optic cable, flame retardant cables, fireproof cables, low smoke halogen free flame retardant cable and other six categories, more than 400 models, more than 20000 kinds of specifications. The company has developed into a major backbone enterprises of domestic wire and cable research and development, production and service provision.

Fasten (Stock Code: 000890) (Jiangsu fasten company Limited by Share Ltd) by Jiangsu fasten Group Co., Ltd. (former Jiangsu Steel Group Company) combined with Chinese Metallurgical Import and export company in Jiangsu, Qingdao factory of the sixth rubber, rubber factory in Zaozhuang, Liaoning Province Metals & Minerals Import & Export Corporation and other four units jointly initiated the establishment, formerly known as Jiangyin wire rope Limited by Share Ltd, in 1998 April officially changed to Jiangsu fasten Limited by Share Ltd. The company main products: steel wire, steel wire and its products, general machinery, wire and cable, instrument and meter, electronic products, optical fiber, fiber optic cable and optical sensing components, mechanical and electrical products (excluding pressure vessel manufacturing, sales). Sales of steel. The main cable of suspension bridge with prefabricated parallel wire strands, cable-stayed bridge of hot extruded polyethylene cable, bearing with the cable protecting device, cable anchors for R & D, design and sales. Foreign investment, technical and consulting services.

Xinchao industry (Stock Code: 600777) (Yantai Xinchao industry Limited by Share Ltd) Co. Ltd. Yantai Xinmu cable company's leading product for the high physical foaming coaxial cable and broadband network data cables, various technical indicators have reached international standards, and the State Administration of radio network license, "Xinmu cable" brand was recognized as Chinese the well-known trademark, the famous trademark of Shandong province and Shandong famous brand, products are sold throughout the country and in Europe and America, Southeast Asia market.

New shares (Stock Code: 600373) (Jiangxi Xinxin industrial Limited by Share Ltd) in 2002 September, Jiangxi Boneng Group Limited company successfully acquired Jiangxi Shangrao Xin River industrial group company, holding new shares.Jiangxi Boneng Shangrao Wire Company Limited is a Jiangxi B-energy Industrial Group Limited subordinate enterprises. Products include enameled copper round wire, enamelled round aluminium wire, enameled copper round wire, the production of QZ, QA, QZY, QZY/XY, QP, QZX and so on more than 10 varieties, 160 specifications

Access to shares (Stock Code: 002560) (Henan Tongda cable Limited by Share Ltd) was founded in two, 00 and two years, covers an area of 160000 square meters, the existing staff of 231 people, 73 professional and technical personnel. Is a professional production of overhead wire manufacturers, the main products are aluminum wire, steel core aluminum stranded wire, aluminum clad steel core aluminum stranded wire, aluminum clad steel wire, aluminum alloy wire, steel core aluminum stranded wire, aluminum cored aluminum stranded wire, aluminum clad steel core aluminium strand, can also according to the international IEC, BS, UK the German DIN standards such as the production of the corresponding products, annual output of more than 6 tons.

Our company (Stock Code: 600577) (Tongling Jingda special electromagnetic wire Limited by Share Ltd) founded in February 1990, is a company specializing in the production of special electromagnetic wire manufacturers, our company after 20 years of continuous development, has become a special electromagnetic wire manufacturer Chinese maximum, the fourth largest in the world. The main products and production capacity: 120000 tons, 11000 tons of special enamelled round copper wire, special enamelled round aluminium wire, 15000 tons of car line and electronic wire, 10000 tons project line. Other products: 50000 tons of copper rod, 110000 enameled / wire drawing mould repair / production etc..

Smiling Technology (Stock Code: 002617) (smiling Polytron Technologies Inc) a large scale enterprise specialized in the design, electromagnetic wire products R & D, production and sales, is located in the famous hardware city -- Chinese shop in Zhejiang city in Zhuji province town. The company is a national key high-tech enterprises, the national torch project enterprise, has provincial enterprise technology center, postdoctoral workstation, as Zhejiang Province, one of the most growth enterprise. Company's main products are copper, aluminum electromagnetic wire two major categories. The company covers an area of about 200000 square meters, the total assets of more than 10, the existing staff of 1350 people, with high, intermediate title and high, intermediate technician 100 people.

Yongding shares (Stock Code: 600105) (Jiangsu Yongding Limited by Share Ltd)
The company main products are optical communication cable, communication cable, special cable, soft optical cable, ADSS and OPGW power cable, data cable, optical devices and other communication products; products covered cable, cable, data cable, optical devices, optical switch and other six series, thousands of varieties, thousands of specifications. Is the size of the domestic cable industry in the largest, most complete variety of enterprises.

Huiyuan communication (Stock Code: 000586) (Sichuan Huiyuan optical communications Limited by Share Ltd)

LIAN opto (Stock Code: 600363) (Jiangxi LIAN photoelectric Polytron Technologies Inc) -- Jiangxi LIAN Cable Technology Co., Ltd.

Idiopathic information (Stock Code: 000070) (Shenzhen tefa Touchplus information Corp) to optical fiber and cable industry chain as a leader, to electronic components, optical communication equipment industry chain for the two wings

The Yangtze River Communications (Stock Code: 600345) (Wuhan Yangtze Communications Industry Group Limited by Share Ltd) mainly engaged in communications, semiconductor lighting and display of high-tech products such as investment, R & D, manufacturing and sales, products include optical transmission equipment, access network equipment, Guang Xianguang cable, wireless communication system and equipment, base station RF cable, digital video equipment, communication the equipment structure, optical storage products and related software

Fiberhome communications (Stock Code: 600498) (Fiberhome communications Polytron Technologies Inc) and its products cover the categories of optical fiber and cable, optical network, broadband fiber access three series of market share among the forefront of the industry

Science and Technology (Stock Code: 600260) (Hubei Kaile Polytron Technologies Inc) services mainly relates to the optical cable, plastic pipe manufacturing, real estate, education service
Wall of nuclear material (Stock Code: 002130) (Shenzhen Woer Hecai Limited by Share Ltd) the company's products include: heat shrinkable sleeve, heat shrinkable busbar, heat shrinkable cable accessories, cold shrink cable accessories, cable branch box, ring net cabinet, high and low voltage switch cabinet, WQFB fully insulated enclosed bus, environmental protection and high temperature silicone wire, high temperature resistant, PTFE casing conductor connecting pipe, heat shrinkable compound double wall tube, silicone rubber tube, Teflon casing, civil slip on the pipe, halogen-free environmental PE crosslinked wire, KTG pipe and air conditioning copper aluminum connecting pipe and other 2500 kinds of products

Tongding photoelectric (Stock Code: 002491) (Jiangsu Tongding Au Optronics Co) is Tongding group specializing in optical fiber communication, communication cable, communication cable, railway signal cable, coaxial cable, optical cable, special cable industry sources: photoelectric excellent innovative R & D, cable 315 network distributed optical fiber sensing system and other products of the production, sales and engineering services.

Xinmao science and Technology (Stock Code: 000836) (Xinmao group) optical communication industry: formation includes optical fiber, cable, special cable and cable tray and other downstream products, optical communication industry chain has an initial scale, investment in the establishment of the largest single cable production base, is to build national monomer second optical fiber factory

Grand Gaoke (Stock Code: 600122) (Jiangsu Hongtu high technology Limited by Share Ltd) in the manufacturing sector, the company has always aimed to create excellent brand of electronic information industry, electronic information industry leading enterprises to create. At present, the company has formed the communication equipment, optical cable, consumer electronics, computer, printer for the main high-tech manufacturing industry group. Company in Nanjing, Wuxi, Hainan and the establishment of R & D photoelectric communication production scale manufacturing base, specializing in cable, power cable, communication cable, power line carrier equipment, optical fiber access equipment, automation, intelligent instrumentation, video monitoring, communication power supply, scheduling program-controlled exchange equipment various optical communication products R & D and manufacturing

Aerospace Electronics (Stock Code: 600879) (China Aerospace Science and Technology Group) (Wuhan cable group Co. Ltd) is our country also has a series of aluminum alloy (high strength, heat resistance and so on) one of the wires and aluminum clad steel manufacturing technology professional manufacturers

HUADONG Henan Huadong cable group is specialized in the research,development,and production of ABC Cable,Rubber Cable, mv medium voltage power cable,Control/Instrumentation Cable,Mining Cable, Bare Conductor(AAC/AAAC/ACSR/ACS), Huadong Cable Supply the price of 16mm armoured cable,Mc Interlocked Cable, 4 core 240 mm cable price at competitive.
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