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The key problem of communication cable for mine use of prefabricated branch cable

Information Source:Henan Huadong Cable Co., Ltd  Release date:2014-02-10

Solid insulated pipeline filled cable is suitable for the coal mine pipe network, mainly used for pipeline laying. Fill or casting treated by petroleum jelly on inner and outer surfaces of the cable core and the shielding layer, in order to prevent the intrusion of moisture in coal mine. In the coal mine of common 30~C 60~C environmental conditions, mechanical and electrical properties remain unchanged in coal mine communication cable. For them, the slanting lane and Electromechanical chamber do communication lines as well as for drift, vertical shaft or shaft as signal transmission.

A good quality of prefabricated branch cable, mine cable must be excellent performance, for the domestic products, mechanical and physical properties of the conductor, insulation performance, material shall comply with GB12706-91 standard -- because the cable performance is the basic indicator of prefabricated branch cable products. Prefabricated branch cable factory according to user requirements, the main cable branch cable type, specification, section, length and branch location index, in the factory and a series of special production equipment, the production line in the finished cable with branch.

Performance is very important branch coupling body, which is the key performance of prefabricated branch cable. The branch coupling body to the main cable and the branch cable conductors are connected as a whole, and insulated moisture-proof treatment. From the exterior view, can not know the joint quality, there are two important test to detect the joint performance, namely, contact resistance and thermal cycling test.

The ratio of reference resistor R1/R2 branch cable with the same length of contact resistance (R1: contact resistance, R2: branch cable reference resistor) ≤ 1.2; the thermal cycling test, when the main cable and the branch cable respectively through the rated working current, heating 5 hours, 3 hours of natural cooling for a cycle, a total of 125 cycle, after twenty-fifth cycles, the surface temperature of the connecting body does not exceed 75 ℃, after each cycle, joint surface temperature not higher than 8 ℃ surface temperature of twenty-fifth cycles.

Resistance, because the inhibition substances on the current generation, so that the resistance of the material under the action of the. Resistance will lead to the change of the electron flux, resistance is small, the electronic circulation is greater, and vice versa. No resistance or resistance is very little substance called electrical conductor, referred to as the conductor. Cannot form the current transmission substance known as electrical insulators, referred to as the insulator.

YFD series prefabricated branch cable for mine cable by the State Quality Supervision, inspection and testing center, the contact resistance of R1/R2 is 0.7, thermal cycling twenty-fifth times connecting body surface temperature is 43 ℃ < 75 ℃, the highest temperature of the 26~125: 47 ℃ < 51 ℃.

Thermal cycle refers to the heat transfer from one part to another part of the work cycle. In the reactor, the heat transfer is usually separate loop and power, to prevent the transmission of liquid flow in the loop heat become radioactive recontamination after its power circuit.

Determines the performance of key branch of the connecting body is branch of the connecting body material and process, to the design staff, should be fully concerned about prefabricated branch cable joint quality, material selection and production process, tooling.

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