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(Braided cable) wire and cable knit role

Information Source:Henan Huadong Cable Co., Ltd  Release date:2014-02-11

Wire and cable is mainly composed of a conducting wire core, an insulating layer, a sheath layer three basic structure elements

The difference between wire and cable has no strict limit, but in a broad sense, the cable structure is complex, it has a sheath layer complex, while the wire has the advantages of simple structure and some only a conductor and an insulating layer, only some weaving coating wax light shield or coated with a layer of light soft protective layer. The conductive wire core cable is used to transfer the current. In order to reduce power loss and voltage drop, conductive wire core is made of copper and aluminum high conductivity. The insulation layer's role is to prevent the current along the radial leakage, to ensure safety. So the insulation layer should have good electrical insulation properties, heat resistance and certain mechanical strength

In the protection of insulated wire or cable outside the core cover layer called the shield cable (in the protection layer outside of the cover layer is called the outer protective layer). The main function of protecting layer is the protective insulating layer. Its main features are moisture-proof, anti oil, anti aging, anti sun burning resistance., and mechanical protection (outer layer function is mainly to strengthen protection of cable machinery. It is subjected to a tensile force, Ke Peng), also has the anti electric magnetic interference, etc.

From the wire cable protective layer perspective, woven wire and cable many kinds of protective layer or layer of protection. However, according to the material and woven wire and cable braid layers used in wire and cable structure in different parts, woven layer effect is different

One, woven fiber layer function

For the wire, fiber woven layer is its light protective layer of a form. Its main role is to protect the insulation does not or less affected by all kinds of light, heat, moisture, acid gas at low temperature. The erosion and external mechanical damage, ensure the safety of operation. As for wire cable, fiber woven layer is often in the middle of the protective layer, so as to enhance nursing tear strength layer, such as strengthening the jacket is in rubber or plastic protection layer with cotton, hemp fiber woven layer, in order to improve the protective layer strength

Two, metal woven layer function

Metal braided layer mainly copper wire braided layer and the steel wire braided layer two (Tie Si),

The main effect of copper braid is:

1 Shielding as tinned copper wire braided blue cable, control cable, copper wire braided l- anti electromagnetic interference
2 the elimination of shielding power cable surface potential. It is bound of power line and eliminate the induction, such as high voltage cable shielding
3 The shielding effect of safety protection. Braided copper in the main core insulation and grounding wire and core good contact or by leakage current, can timely response, such as shielded cable for mine

The main role of wire woven is:

1. mechanical protection. Such as marine power cable CF31 type
2The bear longitudinal tensile force, such as the marine geological exploration with magnetic measuring cable, WC- GC WCT
3 The magnetic shield.

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