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PVC cable compound formula design and production process

Information Source:Henan Huadong Cable Co., Ltd  Release date:2014-02-11

Design of PVC cable compound

(1) for a general class of PVC cable sheath. The amount of plasticizer is 0 ~ 60PHR, 6 ~ 8PHR, stabilizer, lubricant 1.5 ~ 2PHR, 10 ~ 20PHR: filler plasticizing efficiency difference of plasticizer, dosage should be more filling material; when the content of plasticizer, lubricant. The dosage can be larger; the use of non active filler, plasticizer, lubricant dosage should be bigger; sheathed cable material in general to add about 5PHR of cold resistant plasticizer;

(2) for general insulation cable material, plasticizer content is 40 ~ 50PHR., 6 ~ 8PHR. lubricant stabilizer L ~ 1.5PHR. filler l0PHR; plasticizer, lubricant usage reference level cable sheath;

(3) the volatile large DBP such plasticizers can not be used for cable material;

(4) high temperature resistant cable material in addition to the selection of high temperature resistant plasticizer outside. It is necessary to increase the amount of stabilizer. Add 0.3 ~ 0.5PHR antioxidant;

(5) for the cable insulating material for high performance requirements. Should choose calcined clay this filler (polymer compound plasticizer of efficiency is poor. When formulated as appropriate, increase the amount of the plasticizer;

(7) establish transparent cable material formulation. Should add the eel agent selection and resin has good compatibility with organic tin. Straight transparent stabilizer, and strictly control the amount of lubricant;

(8) the design of fire retardant cable material formulation. Should choose the appropriate compound flame retardant system;

(9) made of high degree of polymerization of cable material formulation. Should choose composite processing modifier, improve the machining performance;

(10) develop non migrating cable material formula, should choose polyester polymer plasticizer;

(11) the compound stabilizer, the amount of salt stabilizers slightly more than three;

(12) the cable material processing and the use of normal conditions. To minimize the stabilizer. To prevent excessive produced "filler effect".

Cable material production process

(1) the production process of single screw extruder:
Raw materials, ingredients, high speed mixer, single screw extruder, cooling, screening magnetic separation - Measuring - packaging.

(2) single screw double order extrusion process production machine:
Raw materials, ingredients, high-speed kneading machine, single screw double step granulating machine, cooling and drying, screening magnetic separation - Measuring - packaging.

(3) the production process of twin screw extruder:
Machine one one air-cooled - screening magnetic - Measurement - packaging materials, ingredients, high-speed kneading machine, double screw extruder.

(4) the rolling cut grain production process:
Raw materials - Distribution Department - high speed kneading machine, mixer, double roller mixer - cooling water tank - drying - cutter - screening magnetic separation - Measuring - packaging.

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