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Detection method for 10KV cable for mine

Information Source:Henan Huadong Cable Co., Ltd  Release date:2014-02-12

For 10kV cable for mine MYPTJ type, the partial discharge test and production process tracking, production process and testing method of this kind of products are summarized, the need to pay attention to the following matters:

First of all, the outer shielding products production process should be used "out of the semi conductive shield + wrapped semi conductive screening + metal braided shield" structure, instead of extruded semi conductive shielding after direct metal braided shielding, in the insulated wire core plus around a layer of semi conductive shielding belt, can eliminate the braided shielding embedded Extrusion insulation effect of shielding, partial discharge performance.

Secondly, the cable end requirements. The insulating shielding layer should use the knife and needle nose pliers, stripping, shielding layer end should be in the same section and have transition slope, shall not damage the insulation body, an insulating surface using a file down to clean, no residual semi conductive materials, insulated wire core end portions should be trimmed, conductor exposed parts should be closely and neatly, washing with ethanol insulation surface. Transformer oil test to be pure, not water, suspended solids and other impurities. Both ends of the cable is inserted into the cup, must be immersed insulation shielding incision insulating oil. The cable conductor and an electrode contact to the full, to ensure that the test process does not discharge end.

In addition, 10KV cable for mine production process flow and the production process should be controlled strictly, especially to strengthen the control of the insulation extrusion process of curing temperature, curing time, steam pressure, take-up velocity, prevent the products appear less sulfur and the cable core inlet in the production process of PD results.

Finally, the product of insulated wire core production process to avoid human extreme kink, twisted and bent, prevent from, dislocation between the conductor and the shield, thereby causing a conductor shielding pressure reduced performance and effect of PD indicator.

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