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Knowledge of electric wires

Information Source:Henan Huadong Cable Co., Ltd  Release date:2014-02-12

Insulated wire and according to each wire strands into a single strand and multiple strands, usually 6 square mm above the insulated wires are multiple strands, 6 square mm and below the insulated wires can be a single line, can also be multiple strands, and we put the 6 square millimeter and below the single strand called hard line, multi strand called cord. The hard line with "B", "R" said cord. ­

B series classification belongs to the wire cloth, so start with B

V is the PVC PVC, namely (plastic)

L is the aluminum core code

R is the (soft) means, to be soft, is to increase the number of conductors

The insulating materials commonly used wire with PVC and two polyethylene, polyvinyl chloride with "V", "Y" said with polyethylene. ­

Insulated wire by the number of wires root mutually insulated fixed together, can be divided into single core and multi-core wire, multi-core wire can also make a plurality of single core wire is fixed in an insulating sheath. Multi core line one sheath can be up to 24 core. Parallel multi core line with "B", multi wire twisted with "S". ­

To understand the above content, it is easy to see the wire type definition, as shown below: model name

BV copper core PVC insulated wire;
BVV copper core PVC insulated PVC sheathed wire;
BVR copper core PVC insulated flexible wire;
RV copper core PVC insulation installation cord;
RVB copper core PVC insulated flat cable cord;
BVS copper core PVC insulated twisted flexible cord;
RVV copper core PVC insulated PVC sheathed flexible cord;
BYR polyvinyl chloride insulated wire;
BYVR polythene insulated PVC sheathed flexible cord;
RY polyethylene insulated cords;
RYV polythene insulated PVC sheathed flexible cord

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