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What are the common low-voltage cable

Information Source:Henan Huadong Cable Co., Ltd  Release date:2014-02-12

Low voltage electric material

(One) representation method of power cable

Methods cable type

In order to accurately represent the cable use, structure type and name, the national standard "cable outer sheath" GB/T 2952 - 1989 regulations by the Chinese phonetic alphabet and numbers to represent the cable type and model. Models are usually represented by uppercase letters in the Chinese phonetic alphabet, cable insulation and outer layer of protection by the Chinese phonetic alphabet and a combination of numbers to represent, not only can fully reflect the cable type, use, can also be the main structure, material and cable laying situations were shown clearly.

Note: in the cable model with phonetic alphabet ZR- flame retardant series, NH- said refractory series.

(two) the classification of power cable

Power cable according its insulation types into PVC insulation (plastic) power cable, XLPE insulated power cable, rubber insulated power cable, oil and oil impregnated paper insulated power cable, according to the type of work and the nature can be divided into ordinary power cable, overhead power cables, power cables, underground submarine power cable, anti (resistant) fire flame retardant power cable etc..

(three) several common cable and its characteristics

1 copper conductor power cable

At present domestic low-voltage power cable for each core wire common stranding, anti-interference ability is bad cable of this structure, performance against lightning is also poor, three-phase impedance cable unbalance and zero sequence impedance, it is difficult to make the line protection electric reliable action etc.. Rated voltage developed Jiangsu Baosheng cable factory is 0.6kv ~ 1kV and the copper, aluminum and PVC copper conductor power cable solves the above problem

2 XLPE insulated power cable

Referred to as the XLPE cable, it is a method of using chemical or physical molecular polyethylene plastic insulation material of the cable into a linear structure by the three-dimensional network structure, which is the original thermoplastic polyethylene into crosslinked polyethylene plastics thermoset, thus greatly improve the heat resistance and the service life of the cable, remain the excellent electrical properties.

3 PVC insulated PVC sheathed power cable

PVC insulated PVC sheathed power cable long-term working temperature less than 70 ℃, the highest temperature of the conductor is not more than 160 ℃. Short lasting no more than 5S, laying construction minimum temperature not lower than 0 ℃.

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