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Structure and types of the whole spectrum of all plastic twisted pair communication cable

Information Source:Henan Huadong Cable Co., Ltd  Release date:2014-02-12

2.1 cable structure

The cable core plastic city communication cable is mainly composed of a core wire, wire insulation, cable core insulation, cable tie and belt layer.

1 core cable

The core consists of a metal wire and insulation layer. The wire is used for transmission of electrical signals, with electrical conductivity, good enough flexibility and mechanical strength, also called easy processing, installation and use. The line quality for electrolytic soft copper wire, copper wire diameter are 0.32, 0.4, 0.5, 0.6, 0.8mm five.

2 The insulating material and structure

The core wire plastic city communication cable insulated with polyethylene, polypropylene or ethylene propylene copolymer with high density and high molecular polymer, called polyolefin plastics.

3 The core twisted pair and Quad: two core twisted pair, common way. As shown below.

4 core cable chromatography

The cable core chromatography cable can be divided into ordinary chromatography and chromatography two categories.

(1) the normal chromatographic communication cable
Has been rarely used common chromatographic pair of concentric type communication cable.

(2) the whole spectrum of communication cable

All chromatographic refers to any of the cable core line, can be identified by all levels of units of the tie line to color and color, in other words to the outlet, can find out the line on the line, take out line number on it.

(1) the whole spectrum of pair of concentric cable core (rarely used)

(2) the whole spectrum of twisted pair cable core unit type

The total chromatographic twisted pair cable core unit type was used most frequently in the all plastic telephone cable. It is a white (code W), red (R), black (B), yellow (Y), ultraviolet (V) as the leading color (a line), blue (Bl), orange (O), green (G), brown (Br), ash (S) as the cycle color (B line) ten colors. 25 on the panchromatic spectral line to 25, said of the basic U unit.

25 basic unit line pair chromatography as shown below.

The U unit binding chromatography: by 24 combined Prynne - purple brown, the cycle of 25*24=600.

The unit type cable core is 25 (12+13), 50, 100 lines of the grouping method is divided into units of beam, then several units beam layered twisted into unit type cable core, for the large number of local telecommunication cables, wiring and installation in the continuation of the phone is convenient.

According to core insulation color can be divided into ordinary chromatography unit type cable core and the chromatographic unit type cable core plastic city communication cable.

The total chromatographic unit type cable core unit beam according to the unit beam inside on the number, the beam is divided into sub units (units 12 and 13 pairs (25), the basic unit of, codenamed U) and super units (50, codenamed S, SI or SJ; 100, code SD; 150, code named SC; 200, codenamed SB). All chromatographic cable is to put the unit beam into basic unit or sub unit, the basic unit or sub unit twisted into a super unit.

The super unit serial number from the center outward layer layer sequentially arranged, tie chromatographic sequence, red, black, white, yellow, purple. But in the same color tie with super unit to identify the sequence according to the basic unit of tie chromatography to determine.

2.2 end of the cable don't and selection principles

In order to ensure the electric (optical) cable laying, connection and so on in the process of quality, full plastic city communication cable and cable are the corresponding provisions in the end of the whole spectrum of don't:

1, end stop:

The normal chromatographic pair twisted telephone cable - like A, B is not specified. In order to ensure the quality of the cable laying, connection and so on in the process, all plastic all chromatographic city communication cable provides A, B terminal.

The whole spectrum of pair of unit type plastic telephone cable, distinguish A B end: for cable end, ranked according to table unit serial number from small to great clockwise, the end is A end, another end is a B terminal.

2, the selection principle:

All plastic city communication cable A end with a red flag, also called the inner end extends the cable disc, common red cap sealing or wrapped with red tape, A end facing the bureau. The other end is B end with a green logo, green end cap sealing or green tape, generally called the outer end, fastened on the cable tray, stranding direction for the anti clockwise, stipulated by the end user oriented.

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