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The characteristics of mineral insulated cable

Information Source:Henan Huadong Cable Co., Ltd  Release date:2014-02-12

1, mineral insulated cable structure:

The high conductivity copper conductor, inorganic Magnesium Oxide insulation, seamless copper sheath as the basic structure of mineral insulated cable.

2, mineral insulated cable working temperature:

Mineral insulated cable continuous working temperature is 250 ℃; close to the melting point of copper is 1083 ℃ short time or period (Magnesium Oxide melting

Point 2800 ℃); at 950 ℃ -1000 ℃ sustainable supply of 3 hours.

3, The characteristics of mineral insulation cable:

1) refractory:

Inorganic mineral insulated cable is in the application of the two kinds of materials of copper and Magnesium Oxide. The cable will not fire, not combustion, near the fire
Flame conditions can continue to operate. Copper sheath 1083 ℃ molten, and Magnesium Oxide insulation materials are solidified at 2800 ℃.

2) high temperature operation

Mineral insulated cable can continuous operating temperature up to 250 ℃. However, in case of emergency, the cable can be close to the melting temperature of copper sheath
Next, continue to operate in a short time.

3) long service life

In mineral insulated cables of the application of inorganic material, can ensure the cable has stability, long service life and fire resistance.

4) anti explosion

Mineral insulated cables highly compaction insulation materials, can prevent steam, gas and flame through between the cable connection equipment parts.

5 small diameter)

Cable diameter of the mineral insulated cables other than the rated current of the same small.

6) waterproof

If the mineral insulated cables completely submerged in water, with its seamless metal sheath, mineral insulated cables can continue to operate.

7) high mechanical strength

Mineral insulated cable is firm and durable, can withstand severe mechanical damage, and will not damage the electrical properties.

8) load flow

The cable to the same section, mineral insulated cable current higher than other types of cable transmission. At the same time, mineral insulated cable Can tolerance is overloaded.

9) short circuit fault ratings

At the same temperature, short circuit rated mineral insulated cable value than other types of cable to high.

10) ground

For mineral insulated cables, independent of the grounding conductor is not necessary, because the cable used the copper sheath has played the grounding conductor as
Use, can provide excellent low grounding resistance. Grounding sheath (ESR) circuit wiring, in MEN (multi grounded neutral) system, external
Layer of the copper sheath can be used as grounding and neutral conductor.

11) high corrosion resistance
Copper sheathed mineral insulated cable with high corrosion resistance, for most of the device, it does not need to take additional protective measures. In the
Copper sheathed cable vulnerable to chemical corrosion or industrial pollution serious place, should use a plastic bag to protect mineral insulated cable outer sheath.

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