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Analysis of ultra high voltage power cable material

Information Source:Henan Huadong Cable Co., Ltd  Release date:2014-02-17

110kV XLPE cable has been completely can be based on Chinese in twentieth Century, to the late 90's, is coming 220KV XLPE cable production China, but the earliest studies had to pass the test 4 cable factory, in 950 ~ 1050KV breakdown. The improvement measures proposed by the experts there:

(1) should use the semi conductive shielding material in ultra smooth;
(2) should be used to clean insulation material, and has the impurity detection device corresponding, recently beauty Chinese UCC and Nordic chemical has launched 500KV XLPE cable insulation material;
(3) the impurity content of insulating material for 500KV XLPE cable of UCC as the impurity was not more than 0.05mm, type USCA - 4301.

1 The improvement of cable insulation defects

The insulation defect is an important factor to affect the insulation performance of insulation defects, measures to improve the:
(1) insulation material selection of the latest brand;
(2) to the three layer co extrusion extrusion head, such as the selection of 1+2 extrusion, will inevitably conductive bumps and raised by inner semi conductive layer;
(3) the strainer more appropriate, pay attention to the selection of insulation screen, better plasticization and eliminate impurities in the relationship between the large cable insulation.

2 The insulating heat stress improvement

NOKIA cable thermal stress relieving device "Relexation" when the cable is cooled and then heated to a crystalline melting temperature, so as to eliminate thermal stress. According to the introduction, after the device is adopted, can improve the cable impulse breakdown strength is more than 10%. Experts recommended, appropriate to increase the inner and outer semi conductive layer thickness in the product structure. Previously, in order to avoid insulation expansion will aluminum sleeve burst, the semi conductive buffer layer 3 ~ 4mm increase.
Now 500KV cable inner semi conductive layer is thick, it can play a role in the appropriate buffer insulation and copper conductors and aluminium sheath. If the idea will inner semi conductive layer is divided into two layers, the inner layer is a semi conductive buffer layer of non crosslinked or semi crosslinked (about 1 ~ 2mm), the outer layer is crosslinked semiconductive materials (about 1mm), may have a better effect. This assumption is not mentioned, only for reference.

3 Test cable and installation

Cable insulation test before, beauty China Edison Invention Association AEIC and the International Electrotechnical Commission IEC has provided to the heating pretreatment (pre - conditioning). It can make the test data more stable, get good results. Cable before installing IEC - 1988 and the Chinese Institute of electrical engineers AEI187 has stated: for high voltage cable shall be heat shrinkage test, and pre heating, bending radius cannot at the same time the cable is too small, in order to eliminate the additional mechanical stress.

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