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Huadong electric power cable and manufacturing requirements

Information Source:Henan Huadong Cable Co., Ltd  Release date:2014-02-19

Power cable is a cable transmission or distribution power used in electric power system. By the power plant electricity transmission line, the overhead power cable connection of various voltage level of substation and distribution station, then to the various units of electricity. Power cable compared with other overhead bare wires, the utility model has the advantages of small interference is affected by climate, safe and reliable, subtle, less maintenance, durable, can be laid on various occasions. But the power cable structure and manufacturing process are very complex, high cost, so the general used in power plant, substation, industrial and mining enterprises into and out of line, as well as the main power line transmission and distribution lines across the river, railway station, city area and industrial and mining enterprises in.

Chinese power cable industry is developed in the new China after the establishment of the. Now not only the production of various specifications of the cable, and the voltage level from low level to high level of more than 500kV. The manufacturer is also the initial development of several to hundreds of. Domestic large power plants and transmission and distribution lines are used in domestic power cable. Now large enterprises producing power cable mainly Shenyang cable factory, Shanghai cable factory, Zhengzhou cable factory, Kunming cable factory, Chengdu cable factory, Tianjin Cable Factory etc.. Power cable with various models, specifications and large number of Chinese annual export, mainly to India, Iraq, Iran, Pakistan, Kuwait, Thailand, Qatar, the United Arab Emirates, Philippines, Egypt, Australia, Canada and other countries. Here's a look at Huadong Cable Co., power cable and manufacturing requirements!

The Huadong electric power cable types

Power cable is divided into several species according to the main characteristics of its scope of application, structural characteristics and performance requirements. Each species by conducting wire core section (or wire diameter size, number of cores), insulation materials, protective layer material and the voltage level, divided into a variety of specifications. There are oil immersed paper insultaed leadcovered power cable, rubber insulated power cables, PVC insulated, PVC sheathed power cable, self-contained oil filled cable.

The Huadong electric power cable manufacturing process

The power cable from the processing of raw materials to manufacture a cable, because of the different quality of the entire manufacturing process is different, have the following technology generally: metal processing (melting), calendering, wire drawing, wire (a plurality of copper or aluminum twisted into a cable core), the line core insulation (for cable rubber insulated and PE insulated by extrusion and vulcanization pipe insulation wire core; the cable paper insulated by insulating paper wrapped around the wire core, vacuum drying, oil finished insulated wire core), a cable (three or four shares of finished wire core stranded conductors of the power cable insulation), inner, outer protective layer treatment (armored cable, non armoured cable and paper power cable several situations: armored cable to cable conductor cable is wrapped in a layer or extrusion sheath, and then applied to steel or steel wire armored units, after extrusion outer protective layer. Non armoured cable in cable conductor cable outer sheath on direct extrusion. Paper power cable is the cable conductor cable after wrapping paper, and then lead, with linen and asphalt wrapped into a layer of protection or extruded PVC outer sheath).

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