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Application of environmental protection of the enameled wire

Information Source:Henan Huadong Cable Co., Ltd  Release date:2014-02-19

Winding wire insulating paint the world almost all the solvent paint, not only unnecessary consumption of organic solvent, but also seriously in the manufacture and use of environmental pollution, caused by the biological (human and animal)Hurt. Efforts to aim at eliminating the damage for a long time, especially in recent years, ISO14000 is presented in this paper will contribute significantly to this effort. The divided Huadong Cable Co. Ltd. this trial Experimental research and trial production, the industrial promotion, still need some time. Expected, in the next five to ten years, there may be some varieties to the market.

1)without cresol varnish

Winding insulation solvent paint is the most commonly used cresol. The main components of mixed solvent is cresol. Cresol not only poison the environment, to the skin and severe corrosion effect. The solvent system currently does not contain cresol usually Based on the Gan alcohol (such as B two glycol ether and diethylene glycol ethers) and its derivatives.

2)The high solid content in insulating paint

There are reports, at present the world highest winding wire insulating paint solids content has reached 60 ~ 65%, the painting requires special tooling, equipment to maintain the state of high temperature insulation paint (> 65 ℃).

3)The extruded resin

Extrusion resin volatile constituents have tends to zero, in addition to special manufacturing techniques, extruder also need high accuracy.

4)The UV curable polymer

Ultraviolet (UV) curing resin not containing volatile solvent, the current development of acrylic acid and methyl acrylic liquid resin, they can be turned into solid under ultraviolet. Compared with the conventional solvent paint,The fast response time, and can form a pinhole free coating, overcome the defects may be caused by the solvent evaporation. The disadvantage is the resin has high cost, toxicity, thermal performance is not excellent.

5)The water paint

Using water as solvent or medium to produce insulating varnish, which is very ideal, because the water is pure natural material non-toxic tasteless. The water paint including water soluble paint, emulsion paint and water dispersion paint. Foreign Dr.Beck Companies pioneering development, domestic Shanghai Cable Research Institute in 1970 years has had a successful research. In the industrial promotion, the need to take measures.

6)The powder coating

Application of powder coatings in the coatings industry has a lot of. In the winding line using electrostatic powder coating in American ETI (ElectistaticTechuologylnc) successfully developed with Westinghouse and 3MCompany collaboration has been successfully used in transformer coil manufacture.

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