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Caxial cable Shield attenuation exploration and case

Information Source:Henan Huadong Cable Co., Ltd  Release date:2014-02-19

Shielding case depends on the following factors of water physically foamed polyethylene coaxial cable:

1: aluminum foil overlapping width not less than 5mm.

2: the aluminum layer thickness suggest increased to more than 15 µ m, even higher than 30 µ M.

3: reasonable arrangement of attenuation, echo, shielding, the former and later 2 contradictory, in the attenuation of qualified conditions reduce the foaming degree, is advantageous to improve the shielding effect and the echo.

4: aluminum foil quality is better, especially good flexibility, through various bending without crack.

5: woven longitudinal wrapping process should be improved, so as to avoid the middle of the band gap or reduce the formation of wrinkles, lap width, leakage.

6: knitting density and reasonable. High density with little compensation for shielding, but if the density is too high, at high frequency, high density woven cable makes "side frequency difference" increase, amplifying the compensation difficulty, influence on the performance of the cable. General 40% can.

7: laying cable to avoid pores or slits in the strong pull, the aluminum foil crack or fracture.

The following design shielding effect:

In 30~3000MHz meet the ClassA, 90dB, 100dB

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