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What is XLPE insulated cable?

Information Source:Henan Huadong Cable Co., Ltd  Release date:2014-02-20

The insulation is insulating materials according to the withstand voltage level required, with different thickness wrap in the conductor outside and into, plays the charged body and the other part role in isolation. After the cable is energized, the conductor to fever, therefore, an ideal insulation performance of insulating materials have good thermal conductivity and good electrical properties, PVC insulation is a thermoplastic material, crystal mechanical performance depends largely on the polymer. The electrical and thermal effects, especially the cable in the overcurrent or short-circuit fault, temperature may make the internally generated softening deformation increases, resulting in lower insulation properties, insulation and other damage, XLPE insulated by chemical method or physical method, so that the cable insulation polyethylene molecules change from linear molecular structure as the main body of molecular structure of the mesh, the thermoplastic polyethylene conversion for XLPE thermosetting, thus greatly improve the heat resistance and mechanical properties of it, reduce the shrinkage of it, so that the heat will not melt, and keep the excellent electrical performance. Therefore, cross-linked polyethylene insulation has good heat resistance, superior in mechanical properties, become the ideal insulating material.

To significantly improve the performance of PVC insulated cable XLPE cable. PVC insulated cables and long-term working temperature is only 70 ℃, and cross-linked polyethylene insulated cable allowed working temperature can reach 90 ℃. At the temperature of 130 DEG C to keep the elastic state, relative to the same section of the PVC insulated cables, cross flow it can be increased by about 25%. Therefore, in practice, to replace PVC insulated cable XLPE cable lower available section.

Crosslinked polyethylene insulation for the proportion of 0.92g/cm3. The PVC insulation for the proportion of 1.35g/cm3. Because the XLPE insulating properties than PVC insulation and strong, according to the national standard (GB/T12706-2002) allows the cross-linked polyethylene insulation thickness than PVC insulation thickness to thin, therefore, XLPE insulated cable than PVC insulated cables and light weight, diameter must be small, convenient installation, simple attachment joint, widely used.

Because of the incomparable advantages of PVC insulation cable XLPE cable. It has the advantages of simple structure, light weight, good heat resistance, high load capacity, not melting, chemical corrosion resistance, high mechanical strength and excellent properties, more and more widely accepted by users.

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