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Identification of high quality optical fiber cable

Information Source:Henan Huadong Cable Co., Ltd  Release date:2014-02-20

The optical fiber and cable market competition is very intense, some cable factory is committed to make money, regardless of the quality of optical fiber cable, the worst level, these fibers are large fiber factory waste, throw in the trash cable factory recycle some dirty come to do cable. Cable they produced no data, no quality, not to mention the use of life and safety and reliability.

We can do a good quality and poor quality fiber cable:

High quality fiber optic cable using standard 1.5MM phosphating steel wire and cable, inferior to 1.0MM ordinary steel wire and wire. Cable in the process of using a little pull, there is a danger of fracture; the standard 2.8MM - 3.0MM center import material PBT beam tube with 2.0-2.2MM center of domestic PBT beam tube and ointment. The fiber reduced activity space in the cable, resulting in larger fiber attenuation., once the water into the tide, fiber is broken.

High quality optical cable diameter is 11MM standard, using imported PE material, inferior cable to cable diameter 7MM-8MM, using PE material made of even recycled materials. Cable tensile strength variation, cable surface cracking, once the use of fiber intake will affect the entire network, consequences be unbearable to contemplate. Inferior cable 18MM width coated corrugated steel standard to 12MM width of the ordinary strip.

Optical fiber is used in waste fiber, cable outer sheath of the cable is lower: wooden shaft, packaging and so on are used in most poor material, but the factory cable not detected. Their request is "only pass on the line" but for how long time do not know. Not to mention the fiber gigabit.

Then, with what method to detect the quality is qualified or not?

1 see appearance, diameter, thickness, coarse good of course.

2 touch appearance, such as fingerprint with black print in his hands, use is obviously defective or recycling material do cable, otherwise such as skin smooth, firm is used is the coat material PE qualified.

3 Section see cable wire size, watch, steel, central beam tube thickness, color, strip width.

4 see fiber color, color should be bright, and get the next section of the tensile strength of fiber.

5 please manufacturers to provide test report fiber.

6 gigabit optical switches or fiber optic transceivers test whether the cables to gigabit.

The use of inferior cables will be dire consequences, is just for the sake of their own interests and enterprise credibility also please peer more thought. Therefore advise colleagues: small cheap not present, the purchase of low quality, cheap to cable, optical cable laying laying once, again will be very troublesome thing.

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