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Discussion on the role of the overhead ground wire

Information Source:Henan Huadong Cable Co., Ltd  Release date:2014-02-21

Overhead ground wire is the role of:

(1) reduce the chance of direct lightning conductors, reduces the overvoltage amplitude lightning line insulation withstand. When lightning strikes on the top or the ground, potential tower is very high, and the insulator string voltage equal to the tower body potential and electric potential difference, this voltage is generally far beenleigh directly hit the wire voltage insulator string on the low, will not cause flashover discharge. However, if the grounding resistance is large, the potential tower will be very high, then the inverse flashover occurs, counter is usually said "".

(2) a coupling on the wire. When lightning strikes the tower or the ground, due to the coupling, wire potential will raise, so the coupling can reduce the voltage on the insulator strings. Therefore, in order to reduce the "attack", the grounding resistance is difficult to reduce, shunt, coupling properties can make use of overhead ground wire, adding a coupling ground wire in the wiring.

(3) due to lightning protection grounding line, so it can shield induction thunder to the wire, reduce the lightning induced overvoltages.

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