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2014 global cable annual meeting

Information Source:Henan Huadong Cable Co., Ltd  Release date:2014-05-10

In May 8, 2014 -5 month 10 days, the long-awaited "2014 global cable annual meeting" held in Jiangsu Yixing!

The current annual meeting for 3 days, to "unite the eight party wisdom, promote the industry development", invited domestic and foreign dignitaries, experts, entrepreneurs, employees a total of more than 500 people gather together, discuss the opportunities and challenges, wire and cable industry transformation and upgrading, innovation and win-win cooperation, to jointly promote the development of the cable industry work and pull together.

Cable nets invited leaders of relevant departments, the famous economist, industry experts, the industry well-known entrepreneurs and other guests, around the Chinese macro economic development situation, the economic transformation Chinese cable industry opportunities and challenges, Europe and emerging cable area the new structure and the market situation, the traditional industry and the Internet, cable enterprise integration and collision of innovative financing the solution and other issues are a wonderful speech.

Back in 2013, as to comprehensively implement the spirit of the eighteen start of the year, as well as the transformation background in growth stage to accelerate the development of the key year, facing the perplexing situation at home and abroad, the Party Central Committee, the State Council adopted a series of regulatory measures, effectively guide market expectations, economic rebound, began to appear positive signs of change to the development of new normal. As an important supporting industry of national economy -- the wire and cable industry in the business model innovation, transformation and upgrading, merging and restructuring, and actively improve the industry is big but not strong, excess capacity, innovation capacity is weak, inadequate.

"2014 global cable annual meeting" will focus on in-depth communication and Discussion on the cable industry, technology, industry, market, fusion, innovation, transformation of a series of problems, mainly covers the opening keynote address, the theme of the conference speech, the government, enterprises on China Dialogue, interactive forum, clear your mind tour activities, as the development of global wire and cable industry add a raise.

The current global cable year by global cable Portal -- cable network ( ) host, the Jiangsu Provincial People's government, Wuxi Municipal People's government, Yixing Municipal People's government with support, China economic net, China Quality Association reported.

As the world's wire and cable industry the largest and most influential industry event, this year won the State General Administration of quality supervision, inspection and quarantine Chinese Machinery Industry Federation, China power enterprises, the Ministry of industry and information technology, the Jiangsu Provincial People's government, Wuxi Municipal People's government, Yixing Municipal People's government, China State Grid Corp, South Power Grid Corp etc. government departments, and vigorously support the various provinces and cities Cable Association, chamber of Commerce, focusing on the report of Xinhua news agency, CCTV, and attract Chinese economic net more than 40 authoritative media.

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