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2014 -- the construction of special high-voltage explosive growth for the year

Information Source:Henan Huadong Cable Co., Ltd  Release date:2014-05-06
To solve the UHV transmission and haze is a effective method. SASAC has just announced, as of April 21st 0, China's first "Xinjiang power transmission" UHV project - Hami South - Zhengzhou + 800000 volts HVDC transmission capacity reached 2532000000 kwh.
Hami South - Zhengzhou + 800000 volt high-voltage DC transmission project are changed to optimize the local industrial structure, according to thermal power, wind power, photovoltaic bundling delivery requirements, the local wind power, photovoltaic facilities installed capacity will be 10000000 kW, so as to promote the equipment manufacturing industry from nothing to have, and the rapid formation of the industrial agglomeration effect.
In 2014, "Xinjiang power transmission" scale of the thermal power unit using the average number of hours of driving 1000 hours. Is expected this year, Xinjiang power grid will achieve hot bundling transmission 16600000000 kwh, delivery increments over domestic demand increment for the first time, for power generation enterprises played a "shot in the arm".
According to estimates, Hami South - Zhengzhou + 800000 volt high-voltage DC transmission project with 50000000000 kwh of annual transmission capacity, equivalent to put into operation 8 million kilowatts installed in Zhengzhou power plant are at the same time, reduction of carbon dioxide and sulfur dioxide emissions 40000000 tons and 330000 tons. Such a high effect, no wonder Premier Li Keqiang so pay attention to the construction of uhv.
Recently, about the power industry's hottest news than the National Energy Bureau of a new session. At this meeting, the Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee, State Council Premier Li Keqiang chaired the first meeting of a new National Energy Commission, discussed the related strategic issues in energy development and major projects.
Li Keqiang stressed, the current to a number of major projects to start, it is not only an important measure of steady growth, improve energy security, more effective means to adjust the energy structure, change the mode of development. A number of major projects Li Keqiang said soon in the National Energy Bureau recently officially issued "guidance" (hereinafter referred to as the "2014 energy working opinion") reflected, mainly related to the construction of UHV power transmission in 2014, indicating the cross channel will become the focus of.
In the "opinions" can be seen, the construction mentioned delivery channel more than paper, and formally to increase the power of inter regional and the settlement of the Middle East Department haze combine. The analysis found, UHV 2014 into the outbreak, many industries will benefit, for wire and cable industry, the industry the opportunity to appear, can be used as an important configuration in 2014.
"Opinions" multiple references power transmission channel construction, will become one of the most important key Energy Bureau in 2014 sent across the channel power. "Opinions" mentioned: "do a good job in the ecological environmental protection and resettlement under the premise, to speed up the construction of the Jinsha River, Lancang River, Dadu, Yalong River and other large hydropower bases, to send the transmission project construction. In order to promote Jiuquan, West, East, North Hebei, Jilin, Heilongjiang, Shandong, Hami, Jiangsu 9 large-scale wind power base and supporting construction of power grid project, reasonably determine the scope of wind power usage, ease abandon wind abandoned electrical problems. Accelerate the construction of clean coal power bases and transmission channel. Introduction of coal base of scientific development guidance, increase the intensity of power transmission from west to East, accelerate the Erdos, Shanxi, Xilinguole Meng energy base in North China, central China, East China region to transmission channel construction, planning and construction of the south, Mengxi - Tianjin - Shandong Ximeng, Ximeng - Jiangsu, Ning East - Zhejiang, the East China power transmission channel 12 inter provincial power transmission ability, improve. "
"In addition to 1000000 V Huainan - Nanjing - Shanghai UHV AC power transmission project formally received the national development and Reform Commission batch of Fu, various information, we believe that the Huainan - Ya'an - Shanghai north, Wuhan two UHV AC start construction this year is likely to accelerate, Ximeng Shandong and Tianjin Mengxi - the two relates to solve the Beijing Tianjin Hebei haze key line could have at least a building. There may be 2-3 in Ximeng - DC line in Jiangsu, the East China, Ningdong - Zhejiang and China Southern Power Grid northwest Guangdong this four lines. We therefore judge the year 2014 most likely get the development and Reform Commission approved construction line can achieve "3 to 3 straight", if the state grid line advancing smoothly and the development and Reform Commission and the Energy Bureau approval process on subsequent lines up, optimistic scenario is likely to reach the national grid the 6 hand in 4 straight? "".
UHV as the national grid in 2014 380000000000 investment is the most important part, with the gradual acceptance of UHV construction obtained the National Energy Bureau and the national development and Reform Commission, the construction of special high-voltage will enter in the explosive growth in 2014 year. UHV equipment industry oligopoly, competition relatively moderate, high value, high margin products, can effectively promote the participation in the company's profitability.
In was held shortly after, soon have good news issued. Following the Sichuan Jinping to Suzhou Jin Souter HVDC operation, Jiangsu adds energy "artery" -- recently, 1000000 V Huainan - Nanjing - Shanghai UHV AC power transmission project formally received the national development and Reform Commission approval, entered the construction phase of the project.
The project in Anhui Huainan, ended in Shanghai, new Nanjing, Taizhou, Suzhou 3 UHV substation in Jiangsu province. The 759 km line of 519 kilometers in the territory of Jiangsu, via Huaian, Taizhou, Nantong, Suzhou 6 city, and in the Sutong Bridge Construction in the upper reaches of Yangtze River crossing, is expected in 2017 October completed across the board.
State Grid Jiangsu power general manager Yin Jijun introduced, the line operation will last operation of Anhui power to send the east south central project delta ring network, improve the ability of Jiangsu province acceptance of Anhui Electric, Jiangsu Jiang transmission channel transmission capacity from the current 9000000 kilowatts to 16000000 kilowatts, can be large-scale in the coastal area of Jiangsu province wind power in Jiangsu Province, energy security is critical. The line is the special high-voltage engineering construction and management of the national grid system the first provincial Power Grid Corp localization site in Jiangsu, the line has survey is completed, 3 obstacles of new substation range migration has ended, with the construction conditions.

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