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The insulating materials commonly used flame retardant cable and main performance

Information Source:Henan Huadong Cable Co., Ltd  Release date:2014-02-21

Flame retardant cable materials with oxygen index is higher, the better flame-retardant properties, but with the oxygen index increase, will be a part of the loss of other properties. Such as the physical properties and processing properties of materials decreased, difficult operation, while the cost of the material is increased, so to choose the oxygen index reasonable properly, the general insulation oxygen index reached 30, the product can pass the test standard in class C requirements, if the sheath material, filler using flame retardant materials, products can be to class B and a required. Flame retardant cable materials mainly include halogenated flame retardant materials and halogen-free flame retardant materials.

1.1 halogen containing flame retardant materials

Due to the occurrence of combustion heat release in the decomposition of hydrogen halide, halogenated hydrogen can capture HO radical root, so that the material combustion delay or extinguished, as to retard the. Commonly used materials PVC, neoprene rubber, chlorosulfonated polyethylene, ethylene propylene rubber etc..

(1) flame retardant PVC (PVC): because of PVC prices cheap, good insulation properties, good flame retardant performance, is widely used in flame retardant wires and cables. In order to improve the flame retardancy of PVC, often add halogen flame retardants in formula (ten polybrominated diphenyl ether), chlorinated paraffin and synergistic flame retardant to improve the flame retardant pvc.

(2) ethylene propylene rubber (EPDM): is a non-polar hydrocarbons, has excellent electrical performance, high insulation resistance, dielectric loss is small, but the ethylene propylene rubber is flammable materials, must reduce the degree of crosslinking of ethylene propylene rubber, low molecular weight substances decrease the molecular chain is broken and produce, in order to improve the flame retardant properties of materials the. With the increase of ethylene propylene rubber crosslinking density, oxygen index increases. For example, to accede to the sizing agent DC in the formula (two P peroxide Cumene), crosslinking agent TAIC (three allyl isocyanurate), HVA (2N, N - phenylene bis imide) can make the oxygen index increased by 10 ~ 15. Another method, the addition of inorganic flame retardant filler in ethylene propylene rubber can also make the oxygen index increases. Common fillers are A (lOH) 3, they can release the water of crystallization at high temperature, large absorption heat and flame retardancy effect. But a lot of adding filler can make the material mechanical properties and electrical properties (such as tensile strength decreased and elongation). The filler can not be more than 150 copies. In order to obtain good flame retardance and keep high mechanical performance, must be appropriate to reduce the flame retardant filler and appropriate to increase the flame retardant other.

1.2 low smoke and low halogen flame retardant materials

Mainly for PVC and chlorosulfonated polyethylene two kinds of materials. Accession to the CaCO3 and A in PVC formulation (lOH) 3. Zinc borate and MoO3 can reduce the flame retardant PVC HCL emission and smoke emission, so as to improve the flame retardant material, reducing emissions of halogen, fog, smoke, but may make the oxygen index decreased slightly. When the additive amount is larger, also can make the material mechanical performance and electric performance decline.

1.3 halogen-free flame retardant materials

Polyolefin is halogen-free materials, composed of hydrocarbon, decomposition during combustion of carbon dioxide and water, do not produce significant smoke and harmful gas. Polyolefin including polyethylene (PE), vinyl acetate vinyl polymer (E-VA). These material itself has no flame retardant, need to add inorganic flame retardant and phosphorus series flame retardant, can be processed into halogen-free flame retardant materials, practical but, due to the molecular chain of nonpolar substances on the lack of polar groups with hydrophobicity, and inorganic flame retardant affinity is poor performance, it is difficult to bond. In order to improve the surface activity of polyolefin, adding surfactant in the formula; or in the polyolefin mixed with polymers containing polar groups are mixed, so as to improve the flame retardant filler amount, improve the mechanical properties of materials and processing properties, and obtain better flame retardance.

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