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The fault of overhead lines and preventive measures

Information Source:Henan Huadong Cable Co., Ltd  Release date:2014-02-22

1,Fault overhead conductors and prevention measures

(1) in the distribution line, because the line are arranged horizontally, and the distance between lines is small, if the conductor sag in the same span is not the same, the wind swinging the lead is not the same, lead wire collision caused by the phase to phase short circuit, so the construction must be strictly, pay attention to the tension of the wires, the equal phase conductor sag, and within defined standards. Line inspection, found the problem, timely arrangements.

(2) the wind guaduan branches off the line, or guide line throwing metal objects, also can cause the phase to phase short circuit conductor, or even break. In addition, high car through the line below the line below or crane in operation, may also be caused by short circuit or failure. Therefore there should be certain interval distance in the cross, cross line.

(3) the wire due to erosion by water, long-term atmospheric and harmful gas, oxidative damage, steel wire and ground wire is most easily corroded, the wire of the serious corrosion in the tour, should be promptly replaced.

2,Fault insulators and preventive measures

(1) line porcelain insulator due to the impact of harmful components of air, so that the ceramic part of filth, encounter wet weather, pollution layer absorbs moisture, so that the conductive performance is enhanced, which increases the power loss, but also easy to cause flashover accident.

(2) line error loading porcelain insulator unqualified or because of aged insulator, flashover breakdown occurs in the role of power frequency voltage. The patrol found porcelain insulator flashover traces should be replaced in a timely manner, and the new porcelain insulator replacement must withstand voltage test.

(3) ceramic insulation damage by external forces, cracked or damaged, destroyed large porcelain skirt or from the edge to the top of the crack, it should be replaced, otherwise it will cause a decrease of insulation flashover occurred.

3,Fault poles and fittings and prevention measures

(1) because of the influence of soil and water, so that the wood decay, often cause rechuck accident, therefore such as the use of wood, wood root should have anti-corrosion measures, such as bitumen coated or tied pile.
(2) cement rod subjected to external force collision rechuck accident, such as a car or tractor collision.
(3) the wire uneven force, the tower, you should tighten the poles of the cable or the adjustment line.
(4) the wire vibration of place, fitting screw easily due to vibration and automatic falling accident, therefore in the inspection and cleaning should be carefully examined hardware components of the contact is good.

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