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Optoelectronic composite curved flat cable communication

Information Source:Henan Huadong Cable Co., Ltd  Release date:2014-02-22

Novel optical fiber traveling cable

Novel optical fiber traveling cable

Photoelectric communication accompanying cable for elevator. Features: anti electromagnetic interference, high lifting height, fast transmission rate, energy saving and environmental protection.
1 insulated wire core wire for 6, 2 for the PVC filling material.
3 to strengthen the steel core, when the lifting height more than 80 meters, because the increase in the cable weight, to strengthen the force with steel core.
4 fiber and double strand composite communication cable orange, blue line is twisted pair, 1, 2 for fiber, lateral PVC sheath.The outermost layer of PVC insulating sheath will all cable protection.

The 6 core combined shares may according to need to increase the number, mainly used to transmit power.

With the continuous development of elevator technology, control system is composed of the first logic circuit to the PLC control to the current MCU control, has a history of over 100 years, in the control system reform, as an important component of the traveling cable signal transmission has been no big change, are using various conductor transmission way, one of the most widely used is the copper wire, but with the development of information technology, the control system is transferred to the elevator control disc data quantity and data rate are set data growth, while the ordinary twisted pair stable transmission distance is 100 meters, the transmission rate for 10/100M Hz; this limits the application of a new type control system for this, this, each elevator components companies are of stronger anti-interference performance development, optical fiber cable transmission speed faster.

Although the elevator parts company production of some cable claims made of fiber optic cable, but have not been tested or test results can not meet the needs of practical use, is still in the stage of sample. Laogang Shenling rely on many years of professional experience in manufacturing elevator cables and relying on Shanghai Electric Cable Research Institute of light communication technology co developed with photoelectric communication cable flat cable elevator, comprising 2 fiber and 2 twisted pair, under special circumstances, when the fiber can not be used or damaged, can use the twisted pair as redundant use, can be applied to European and American countries for ultra-high reliability requirements; in the product the use of large quantities of stable will gradually cancel the twisted pair to further reduce the cost, the non optical part of the types of cable in full compliance with GB5023 requirements, and bending test for 3000000 times is completed, because the characteristics of countries on the fiber accompanying flat cable in the absence of relevant standards, we in the bending test 3000000 times, the fiber attenuation and loss parameters by regularly measuring instrument professional, at the end of the 3000000 bending test, performance parameters of fiber is still very stable, can be within the transmission 1000MHz good data and signal.

Our development goal is the traveling cable made of 2 root power line and a fiber to achieve all of the functions, can do large lifting height, transmission rate is fast, and the cost will be greatly reduced.

Of course, we provide a highway, this requires the user to have a faster car, also control system is essential to power optical fiber cable advantages, the development of high performance, a more sophisticated system function, so that you can do is win the whole staircase enterprise and member enterprises, provide value flash for elevator the customer.

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