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The important role of cable accessories in wire and cable

Information Source:Henan Huadong Cable Co., Ltd  Release date:2014-02-22

Cable routing the cable body and joints, indoor and outdoor terminal first cable accessories. According to the relationship between the cable and the connector, the connector called cable accessories; but from the cable line, is never a joint subsidiary, secondary components, it is essential and cable equally important, component. And because the joints in the cable import and export and docking, itself in a key position, plus the joint in installation etc, make the fittings to process from structure than cable disadvantaged. Can say, the joint is the weakest link cable, so the cable routes from the external factors caused by external factors, the fittings for manufacturing quality is not good, installation or improper material selection of accidents caused by incorrect rate as high as sixty percent to eighty, this explains why the cable installation operation workers will attach so much importance to cause connector accessories.
Once the fault cable or connector caused power outages, will give the industry and agriculture production, bring great loss of international construction and people's life, some will lead to great harm, thus, we have the spirit of power industry production principle of safety first, extreme attention to installation and operation of cables and accessories. We require cable professionals to study science and technology, refine on; be careful construction, ensure the construction quality, to achieve the long-term safety of power supply.

At the same time, cable accessories factory based on the results, should also continue to march to the production technology of the depth and breadth. In recent years due to cable accessories manufacturing quality and unreasonable structure caused the accident is a lot of. As in previous years, I board for outdoor W > 76 type structure is irrational (too much, shorten the length of the line core split angle large, trigeminal. The insulation damage and explosion accident six, in the prevention of breakdown test 12 terminal head. In addition such as outdoor terminal caps for different intensity and repeatedly broken, steel aluminum nose fracture and so on, which brings a lot of difficulties to use. This is an urgent problem to be solved.

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