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What is the special cable and types include?

Information Source:Henan Huadong Cable Co., Ltd  Release date:2014-02-22

Special wire and cable is a series of unique properties and special structure of products, equivalent to the large volume of ordinary wire and cable, with high technical content, the use of more stringent conditions, small volume, high value-added characteristics. Often the use of new materials, new structure, new technology and new design. This kind of wire and cable can be roughly divided into the following four categories

One, high temperature resistant wire and cable

Need of aerospace, vehicles, energy, steel, non-ferrous metal smelting, petroleum, electric field of high temperature resistant wire and cable. Long-term continuous working temperature of 125 degrees, 135 degrees, 150 degrees, 180 degrees, 200 degrees, 250 degrees and 250 degrees above the high temperature resistant wire and cable, commonly used have radiation cross-linked polyolefin, silicone rubber, fluorine resin, polyimide, mica, Magnesium Oxide, wire and cable. This paper; two new high temperature resistant wire and cable.

1 polyether sulfone (PES) insulated wire has excellent heat resistance, mechanical properties, electrical insulation properties, extrusion molding, in particular can maintain stable performance advantages can still sharp changes in continuous use under high temperature and the temperature in the environment: temperature 200-220 degrees hot deformation, continuous use temperature is 180-200 degrees, UL temperature index of 180 degrees to 150-160 degrees; hot water or steam, erosion at high temperature is not affected by the acid, alkali; elastic modulus is almost unchanged in the -100--200 degrees, especially in the more than 100 degrees than any kind of thermoplastic resin are good; linear expansion coefficient is small, and its temperature dependence is small; with non-toxic, recognized USA FDA, is also in line with the Japan Ministry of No. 434th and No. 178 notice requirements; Zixi, does not add any flame retardant has excellent flame retardancy, up to UL94V-0 level (0.46mm).

2 polyether ether ketone (PEEK) insulated wires peek is super heat-resistant thermoplastic resin. Long term continuous use temperature of 250 degrees, UL degrees temperature index 250. <br> peek resin is a flexible, and creep resistance. And Zixi, without any flame retardant can reach ul94v-1 (0.3mm thickness), 94V-0 (1.5mm thickness), 94v-5 (thickness 3.2mm) requirements.

Two,Wire and cable purpose and structure of special

1 low inductance cable

There are strong and weak points, this paper introduced a strong low cable. This cable with heat dissipation device, used for various contact welding, arc welding machine and pneumatic type water-cooled electrode holder is connected with low cable, has the advantages of simple and reasonable structure, cooling water flux, not blocking block and limit flow, good heat dissipation effect, long service life etc..
This new low sensing cable also includes joint cable and cable ends are fixed on, and the cable is composed of positive and negative with the cable core cable core is arranged on the outer tube. Because this kind of low sensing cable is generally used for voltage, current situations of 25-50v between 7000-12000a, short conductive phenomenon in the cable in the cooling water basically can be neglected, so in this sense of isolation rubber hose low positive cable core and the negative cable core without the use of cables, just set a cross section which is shaped (commonly known as the "plum core" shaped) core frame, the "wheel" and the adjacent "spokes" between the space along the axis direction is formed in the longitudinal groove, total root number positive cable core longitudinal grooves and the cable core frame of the same, the longitudinal groove cable to cable core is positive and negative cable core were resting on the core frame inner device on the outer tube. Both ends of the positive and negative head cable core of the cable core homopolar assemble bundle respectively clamped on the cable clamp, and is fixed on the joint, the outer hose cable head is sheathed on the joint of the tail end, and is sheathed in the outer tube and tighten the clamp seal

2 low noise cable

Effect of external factors on bending, vibration, shock, temperature changes, the cable itself to produce pulse signal is less than 5mv cable is called the low noise cable, also known as seismic instrument cable. For the measurement of multiple fields of industrial, medical, defense and other tiny signal. Cable with polyethylene insulated low noise cable, F46 cable insulation and low noise, low noise, low radiation resistance of the cable capacitance, low noise cable hydrophone cable, water tight low noise cable and other types of.

Causes of noise in the cable are: 1) the medium itself molecular friction; 2) cable capacitance change; 3) piezoelectric effect of cable dielectric; 4) the charge generating conductor and dielectric friction cable, when the conductor and insulation between the contact damage generated charge separation

In the polyethylene insulation surface squeeze on a thin layer of semi conductive (thickness 0.20-0.30mm) low noise cable obtained the rapid development, the noise value in 2-3mv, for the work in the 400 degree low noise cable, can use high temperature resistant semi conductive fiber winding package solution, the noise of up to 5mv.

Three, the function of wire and cable

1 fluorine resin controlled 135 degree heating cable

The polyvinylidene fluoride (PVDF) / 135 degrees temperature control cable fluorine rubber alloy / carbon black composite material. The thermal process is different, showing and conductive stability of PTC conductive characteristics of different degree, this is due to the crystallinity and crystal morphology matrix under different cooling rate affect the insulation.

2 The electroluminescent wire

Electroluminescent wire is an international field of light-emitting display the latest products, appearance and common wire and cable is similar, surface color fluorescent plastic casing, which is light continuously without any thermal radiation, power consumption is only for LED lamp string 50-60%, for 20-30%, 1-5% for neon lamp; application of such products is very extensive energy saving, environmental protection, health, create a new era of display lighting, has the following characteristics

1) light emitting soft and delicate, bright colors, and strong sense of three-dimensional perspective, suitable for night vision inspection.
2 energy saving, environmental protection, safety); the product of low power consumption, wide range of applicable voltage. This product use and abandonment will not produce any pollution to the environment, without danger to the human body.
3) soft, flexible, arbitrary knot, splicing, splicing, and will not affect the luminescent performance, convenient use, installation without professional guidance
4) for the continuous light emitting device, at the same time according to the telephone control and matching the various dynamic multi-color flashing
5) can use transparent tape, glue, pins, wire nail fixed on the decorative surface directly.

Application field of  is the wire:

1) indoor advertising, text pattern; windows, doors, furniture, walls, roof, etc.
2) car, boat and other tools, digital display meter indication decoration
3) safety signs and instructions; stairs, channel, doorplate, export, temporary outdoor hazardous location
4) toys, arts and crafts, sports supplies, clothing, electrical appliances, decoration, military equipment, etc..

 Four, a novel green environment-friendly electric wire and cable insulation

1.cmp cable

The highest flame retardant grade standard UL cable, CMP cable. By Du Gang, Lang and BICC three companies combined to wire, cable to do a lot of combustion test and Study on the common cable out on a thin layer of FEP (F46) protective layer, which can meet the requirements of In general, the substrate is low smoke halogen-free polyolefin, fuel heat is high, is highly flammable, therefore they should be mixed with metal hydrate filler, to suppress the combustible, but water of hydration is depleted, will cause the violent burning. While FEP and heat is very small, fire is not burning

2 no Lu new green wire and cable

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