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The main classification of wire and cable

Information Source:Henan Huadong Cable Co., Ltd  Release date:2014-02-25

1, the power system cable

Wire and cable products used in power system are mainly bare overhead wires, bus (bus), the power cable (plastic cable, oil paper power cable (basically replace the plastic power cables), rubber set of cable, aerial insulated cables), branch cable (instead of part of the bus), electrical equipment, wire and cable, magnet wire and electrical equipment.

2, information transmission system cable

Wire and cable used for information transmission system mainly telephone cable, TV cable, electronic cable, RF cable, fiber optic cable, data cable, magnet wire, power cables and other communications or other compound.

3, mechanical equipment, instrument and meter system cable

In addition to this part of the overhead bare wires and almost all other products are applied, but mainly the power cable, electromagnetic wire, data cable, instrumentation cables.
Wire and cable products are mainly divided into five categories

1, bare wires and the bare conductor

The main features of products: pure metal conductor, insulation and sheath layer, such as steel core aluminum stranded wire, copper bus, electric locomotive line; processing technology is the pressure processing, such as melting, rolling, drawing, stranding / compacted twisted; products are mainly used in suburban, rural, user the main line, switch cabinet etc..

2, power cable

The main characteristics of products: crowded outside conductor (around) insulation layer, such as overhead insulated cables, or a few core assembly (corresponding to phase power system, the zero line and the ground), such as the two core above overhead insulated cables, or increases the jacket layer, such as plastic / rubber wire and cable. The main technology has drawn, stranded, insulation extrusion (wrapped), cable, armored, protection layer extrusion process, different combinations of various products have a certain difference.
Products are mainly used in hair, power distribution, transmission, variable, power lines in the power transmission, the current through large (tens to thousands of safety and security), high voltage (220V to 500kV and above).

3electrical equipment Wire and cable,

The main features of the products are: various specifications, a wide range of applications, the use of voltage 1kV and below more special occasions, in the face of growing new products, such as refractory cable, cable, flame retardant low smoke halogen-free / low smoke and low halogen cable, anti termite, anti mouse cable, oil resistant / cold / heat resistance / wear cable, medical / agricultural / mining cable, thin wire etc..

4, communication cable and optical fiber (briefly)

With the recent 20 years, the rapid development of the communications industry, the product also has the astonishing development speed. From the past simple telephone and telegraph cable to the thousands of words on the cable, coaxial cable, optical cable, data cable, communication cable, or even a combination.
This kind of product structure are usually small and uniform size, high precision manufacturing.

5, electromagnetic line (winding)

Mainly used for a variety of electrical, instrumentation and other.
Cable derivative / new products
Cable derivative / new products is mainly due to applications, application requirements and the equipment of different convenience and reduce the cost of equipment requirements, and the use of new materials, special materials, or changing product structure, or improve the process requirements, or to different combination of varieties of products produced.
Using different materials such as flame retardant cable, low smoke zero halogen / low smoke and low halogen cable, anti termite, anti mouse cable, oil resistant / cold / heat resistance wire and cable etc.;

To change the product structure such as: fire resistant cables;
Improve the technological requirements such as: Medical cables etc.;
Combination products such as: OPGW;
Convenient installation and lower cost equipment such as: prefabricated branch cable.

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