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Method of laying cable engineering

Information Source:Henan Huadong Cable Co., Ltd  Release date:2014-02-25

Cable engineering laying mode choice should be determined according to the engineering conditions, environmental characteristics and cable type, quantity and other factors, and the operation can be convenient maintenance requirements and principles of economic technology and reasonable choice. Power cable laying mode generally choose pipe laying, channel laying, laying, tunnel buried, underwater laying, laying and the interactive method, method of laying concrete into human laying and mechanical laying. Cable laying methods should be selected according to the type and number of cable project, cable path characteristics and other factors to choose.

A. buried

The advantages of directly buried installation has the advantages of low investment, is widely used as a way of laying. Installation of the cable, should check the cable surface has no mechanical damage; and use lkV megohmmeter telemetry insulation, insulation resistance is generally not less than 10M. But because of poor security, vulnerable to external damage, so it is not a permanent as the cable laying mode, only for temporary account. The cable trench depth should be in accordance with the relevant planning departments to provide elevation to decide, must ensure that the depth of burying cables. Direct buried cable depth shall not be less than 0.7m, through farmland is not less than 1m. Direct buried cable ditch bottom shall be no hard debris, the ditch laying 100mm thick fine soil or sand, cable laying should be left to a total length of 0.5% ~ 1% of the margin, after laying and add a 100mm fine soil or sand, and then use the cement cover to protect, the coverage width over the cable on both sides of the 500cm, can also be used in brick cement cover plate. Backfill to half of the trench depth, recommended a shop with a layer of warning signs, color of the cloth. The backfill is completed, should be in the cable bend, intermediate joints, and other pipe cross placed significant range marks and signs a special place, in order to enhance the ability to prevent external damage.

The cable across the road and the building or out of the ground part at the height less than 2m, shall wear protection of steel pipes. Protection tube length is below 30m, diameter of not less than 1.5 times the outer diameter of cable, more than 30m should not less than 2.5 times, ends of the pipe should be made of horn shape, the inner wall of the pipe shall be smooth without burrs, tube outside should be coated with anticorrosive paint. The introduction of cable and cable trench, buildings and into the lead protection tube, the population and the nozzle should be closed.

The AC four core cable into the tube or plastic tube, each of the cables in a tube. Single core cables are not allowed to wear alone in a steel pipe (except take steps), clamp fixing cable should not be a closed magnetic circuit iron.

The parallel laying underground cable, the middle joint positions should be mutually staggered joints, prevent accident, injury of other joint. For cable with other pipeline, building parallel and cross, should according to the specifications of the provisions, shall not be arbitrarily changed.

The rural low-voltage power cable, generally using PVC insulated cables or cross-linked polyethylene insulated cable. In may suffer injury place, should use the armoured cable outer sheath; the possible displacement of the soil (marsh quicksand, backfill, etc.) the laying of cables, the steel wire armored cable.

B. pipe laying mode

As the city is currently using a laying mode, most of the cable channel, narrow, city construction frequently, for a variety of terrain by using better, protect the safe operation of cables, which is one of the most reasonable way. Its shortcomings, one is that the cable thermal conditions decreased, reducing the load flow; two is the construction cost is higher.

If the cable is more, buried coated with difficulty, and is not easy to ditch, the pipe laying mode. Row 1.5 times the tube diameter shall be not less than the diameter of the cable, buried deep in the ground below 0.5m. When the parallel and pipeline, construction and cross, should according to the specifications of the provisions. Each row of 20mm should be the gap between the tubes, to ensure that the cooling.

The laying of cables, exhaust pipe shall be ground smooth, tube the stolen property must be clean, scratch preventing cable. In order to facilitate inspection and repair, every 150-200m or turn to set to work well. The cable connector should be located in a well.

The election of wear tube made of plastic pipes, asbestos and cement pipe. The more commonly used are made of plastic pipe. But in the selection of plastic pipe, deal with the material is hard to be diluted, impact resistance, bearing capacity to choose, should not use pipe resistance coefficient is larger, many manufacturers of corrugated PVC inertia is very good at present, suitable for.

C. pipe with pipe

Generally use the cement catheter or PVC catheter. Cement pipe is generally used in low voltage cable pipeline bureau, my new 110KV cables and pipelines are using PVC tube. PVC pipe wall smooth, easy installation, smaller friction when laying the cable, external sheath damage lighter. Laying bricks or prefabricated groove body is also a popular means for cable laying. Advantage is that it can accommodate many types, many number of cable, cable bracket to be separated; for high voltage cable, cable trench laying open in safer and more intuitive. Disadvantage is the groove body covers a wide, not suitable for city underground pipeline layout.

D. tunnel or underground pipeline laying mode

For the city in some areas, concentrated underground pipelines, difficult to layout, then we must build bigger space underground corridor. According to the different pipeline, considering the safety factors should be arranged reasonably. In the tunnel cable must consider the issue is fireproof and moistureproof.

E.Laying mode under water

Requirements of the cable itself has very high mechanical strength (reinforced armor), outer sheath waterproof (such as the PE sheath), and should choose the flow velocity is low in the cable laying, path outside interference environment less; after cable laying should adopt strict protective measures, such as the establishment of signs, to ensure the safe operation of. Cable laying is between the manufacture and operation of the key link, cable laying quality is good or bad for cable safety * plays a key role in operation. More attention should be paid to the construction personnel, cable laying around to do the following work:

To the laying of the preparation work before, first check the cable routing, civil facilities (cable channel, cable protection pipe tunnel, etc.) and laying depth, width is consistent with the requirements of regulation. Prepare tools, removed all kinds of obstacles, and create the conditions for laying.

The cable must be as special material cloud hanging, no melon, touch, crowded, grinding, according to the position and direction of laying requirements to arrange the cable reel, conscientiously do a good job in visual inspection. The cable should withstand voltage identification before laying, qualified rear can be laid.

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