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Method for identification of optical fiber cable superior degree

Information Source:Henan Huadong Cable Co., Ltd  Release date:2014-02-26

One, skin: indoor optical fiber cables using polyvinyl chloride or flame retardant polyvinyl chloride, surface should be smooth, bright, flexible, easy to peel. The poor quality of the optical cable sheath finish good, easy and the inside of the sleeve, aramid adhesion. The PE sheath outdoor cable should use the high quality black polyethylene, cable skin smooth and bright, uniform thickness, no small bubbles. Inferior cable skin generally made with recycled material, this can save a lot of cost, cable epidermis that is not smooth, because of raw material which has a lot of impurities, fiber optic cable jacket made out of lots of tiny pits wow, a long time on the cracking, water.

Two, fiber: production enterprises generally use a regular cable core companies, some inferior cables typically use the C class, D class fiber and the smuggling of fiber antecedents is unidentified, these fiber due to complex sources, the factory over a long period of time, often has become damp discoloration, and multimode fiber is often mixed with single-mode fiber, and generally small factory lack of detection equipment must, can't make a judgment on the fiber quality. Due to the naked eye can not distinguish such fibers, touch to the problems in construction are: bandwidth is narrow, short transmission distance; uneven thickness, not and pigtail docking; fiber lack of flexibility, the plate when the fiber of a broken.

Three, strengthen the wire: Outdoor cables formal manufacturers of steel wire after phosphating, surface is gray, the wire cable without increasing the hydrogen loss, no rust, high strength. Inferior cables instead of fine wire or aluminum wire for general use, identification method is very easy, the appearance of a white, pinch in the hands can be arbitrarily curved. Fiber optic cable for hydrogen wire production losses so large, the time is long, hanging fiber box two rust fracture.

Four, steel armor: the formal production enterprises using double-sided brush rustproof paint longitudinal wrapping lines strip, inferior cable is used in ordinary iron, usually only one made anti rust treatment.

Five, the loose tube: loose tube optical cable with optical fiber should be used PBT materials, such as high casing strength, no deformation, aging. Inferior cable generally use the PVC do the casing, the outer diameter of the sleeve so thin, hand pinch flat, a bit like Straw we drink.

Six, the fiber paste: Outdoor cables within the fiber paste can prevent fiber oxidation, because water vapor into the damp, inferior fiber paste with very little, seriously affect the life of optical fiber.

Seven, aramid: also known as Kevlar, is a kind of high intensity of chemical fiber, present in most military industrial, military helmets, bullet proof vest is the material production. The world only DuPont and Holland Akesu can produce, the price is about Sanshiduowanyi tons. Indoor optical fiber cables and overhead power cable (ADSS) are reinforcement with Yoshi Saku, because of aramid high cost, poor indoor cable the diameter is a fine, so you can use a few strands of Guanlai cost savings. Such cables easily when wearing tube is broken. ADSS cable because it is to determine the usage of aramid fiber cable in according to the span, second wind, generally not jerry.

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