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Common cable type, specification and market conditions

Information Source:Henan Huadong Cable Co., Ltd  Release date:2014-02-26

RVVP: copper conductor PVC insulated PVC sheathed shielded flexible cable, 300V/300V 2-24 core voltage. The main quality index: wire diameter (including wire and woven silk, not bigger better, with impurity copper to achieve resistance standard and do very rough), copper core purity, density, length of lay.
Use: the instrument, instrument, intercom, monitoring, control of the installation.

RG: physical foaming polyethylene insulation cable access network for hybrid fiber coaxial network (HFC) data transmission of analog signals, this is the USA standard, approximately equal Yu Guobiao SYWV series. The main quality index: copper wire diameter, insulation thickness, woven material (the market for aluminum magnesium wire braid, good quality should be tinned copper), knitting density.

UTP: LAN cable uses: transmission of telephone, computer data, fire prevention, anti-theft security systems, intelligent building information network. The commonly used UTP CAT 5,UTP CAT 5E shielding models with STP

KVVP: PVC sheathed braiding shielding cable applications: electrical, instrumentation, power distribution equipment signal transmission, control, measurement SYWV (Y SYKV), cable TV, broadband network special cable structure: (coaxial cable) single anaerobic round copper wire + physical foaming polyethylene (insulating) + (tin wire + Al) + PVC (PE), (equivalent American Standard RG-6, RG-59). Now in the market for aluminum magnesium wire braid (can not be welded, easy oxidation), core wire copper clad aluminum, copper clad steel, and many people think that SYWV is cheaper than SYV, but in fact is not the case.

RVV (227IEC52/53) soft PVC insulated cables (cross-sectional area: 0.5-6.0 core line number 1-24) uses: power line, signal line, household appliances, small electric tools, instruments and dynamic lighting etc.. This specification line as long as the standard price difference is not big, but the market is useful impurity copper, wire diameter is not enough, short meters, repeater (core wire are not twisted or core wire is not twisted, so tensile capacity is greatly reduced, resistance increases) to make up the number of. Variants: RVVS?? this type of core wire twisting distance encryption, generally used for broadcasting system.

With a soft cable installation AVVR PVC sheath (cross-sectional area: 0.12-0.5 core line number 1-24) uses: signal, control. Such as access control signal, control, PTZ control.
HYV?? HYA data communication cable (indoor, outdoor) (the diameter of the core wire of 0.5mm?? core line number 2, 4, 8) is used for telephone line, telephone communication and radio equipment connection and junction box connection telephone wiring network etc.. General wire diameter is 0.4 mm on the market, also a handicap is made from steel or copper alloy. Deficiency of other telephone line universal meter.

RV, RVP PVC insulated cable, PVC shielded cable is mainly used for equipment??.

RVS, RVB is suitable for connecting home appliance, small electric tools, instruments, meters and lighting cable, RVS can also be used for broadcasting line or replace the RVV line.

RVB can replace silver line in less demanding circumstances.

BV, BVR PVC insulated cables use: suitable for electrical instrumentation and dynamic lighting for fixed wiring, affordable low resistance. Connect the power supply in many occasions can consider.

RIB speaker cable (wire have a fever, gold and silver thread) some sound line type mark often have "6N", "7N", its meaning is used to express the purity of the use made of metal materials have a fever line height. For example, "99.9999%", you can use "6N", namely that the purity is 6 9, N in front of the higher purity audio line is higher that. If the home theater audio equipment requires higher quality audio line, the key is to grasp the seek truth from facts, the principle of capability. For the general type (million) sound equipment without sedulous pursuit of wire of high quality, as long as the copper core signal line using the general section of a larger. For a better home theater audio equipment, can consider to use high quality audio line (famous brand home theater system usually supply audio line).

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