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Fluorine plastic cable and its application

Information Source:Henan Huadong Cable Co., Ltd  Release date:2014-02-26

Fluorine plastic is a general term for a variety of fluorinated polymer. Is a monomer containing fluorine atoms self polymerization or with other non fluorinated copolymer formed polymer materials. Fluorine plastic with excellent electrical properties, thermal stability and mechanical properties, therefore suitable for wire and cable. In order to facilitate us to further understand the fluorine plastic cable, for future work, we will make a brief introduction of fluorine plastic cable and its market application.

One, fluorine plastic cable

Relative to polyethylene and polyvinyl chloride cable common, fluorine plastic cable has following features prominent:

1, high temperature resistant fluorine plastic with heat stability of rare, the fluorine plastic cable can adapt to high temperature environment 150~200, and polyethylene, PVC cable common applies only to the 70~90 working environment. In addition, in the same section of the conductor conditions, fluorine plastic cable can transmit more allowable current, this greatly improves the application range of the cable, because of the unique properties, fluorine plastic cable used in aircraft, ships, high temperature oven and electronic equipment internal wiring, wiring etc..

2,Oxygen index good flame retardancy fluorine plastics, flame spread, smoke less. The production of flame retardant cable for the strict requirement of places, such as computer network, Metro, vehicle, high-rise buildings and other public places, once the fire, people can have a certain amount of time to alienation, and not by the thick smoke, to win the precious rescue time.

3, excellent electrical performance relative to polyethylene, lower dielectric constant, fluorine plastic, therefore, compared with the coaxial cable with the structure, less attenuation of fluorine plastic cable, more suitable for high frequency signal transmission, use frequency is higher in cable has become the tidal current, while the fluorine plastic and can resist high temperature, between so commonly used for communication equipment internal wiring, wireless transmission feeder and transmitter jumper and video audio line. In addition, fluorine plastic cable dielectric strength, insulation resistance, suitable for control cable for important instrumentation.

4, mechanical and chemical properties of the chemical bonds of perfect plastic energy, with a high degree of stability, it is little affected by temperature changes, has excellent weathering resistance and mechanical strength; and is not affected by all kinds of acid, alkali and organic solvent effect, so it is suitable for the environment climate change, corrosive occasions petrochemical, oil refining, oil well, such as instrument control etc..

5, in favor of welding connection in electronic instruments, there are a lot of wiring is connected by welding method, since the melting temperature of general plastic low, easy to melt in the high temperature, the need for skilled welding technology, and some solder joints must be welded for some time, this is also a reason for the fluorine plastic cable are popular, such as communication equipment and electronic instrument internal wiring.

6, fluorine plastic raw material prices high, cable production is very difficult, so the production cost is high, the sales price is high, which limits the application of products, however, because of this, the competition of manufacturers less, require the use of fluorine plastic cable customers will not be too care about the price factor.

Two,Types and uses fluorine plastic cable

There are a variety of fluorine plastic used for cable insulation. According to the current market conditions, fluorine plastic cables is common in -46 (FEP) cable fluoride. -46 is fluorine FEP referred to, also known as FEP, is a high performance fluorine plastics, maximum continuous working temperature can reach 200 degrees, short time use temperature up to 260 degrees, the oxygen index more than 95, almost no burning, and low dielectric constant, low dielectric loss tangent, electrical properties the temperature changes in a wide range of almost no change, and it can be extruded polyethylene with similar to production of the cable, so by the various aspects of welcome.

Fluorine plastic cable can be made into solid core insulating two forms, including physical foaming plastic cable fluoride in the production and use of abroad, in China is still in the development process, fluorine plastic cable usual we say usually refers to the real core fluorine plastic cable.

Fluorine plastic cable has three kinds of forms: single core cables, coaxial cable, multi-core cable

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