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Composition of power cable line

Information Source:Henan Huadong Cable Co., Ltd  Release date:2014-02-26

Power cable is used for the transmission and distribution of power in the power system. The power cable line consists of three parts: cable, cable accessories and line structures.The cable is composed of a package with a conductor insulation of conductor or a plurality of mutually insulated (commonly known as the core) outer bag with flexible, closed shell. It is the main wiring.

Cable accessories refers to the electrical wiring in cable outside the other components and equipment, such as the intermediate junction box, terminal box, reactor, high pressure oil filled cable lines in the stopper box connection box, pressure tank, insulation, high inflation and pressure cable lines in the gas supply and pressure equipment etc.. These attachments connected to conductors, insulation and sealing protection.

Line structure is used to support the electric wire and cable installation accessory cable lines in the part, such as the introduction of pipe, wire rod, wire well and electro spinning lines into the room.

Cable has many advantages, but also has the following disadvantages:

(one) high cost, one-time large investment costs;
(two) after installation is not easy to change, not suitable for temporary use;
(three). The joint of cable line is not easy to solve;
(four) find fault is difficult, as overhead lines that can be visually obvious;
(five) repair long recovery time, requirements of the production process for cable connector is higher, a specially trained technicians to operate.

To sum up, whether the use of cable, should be carried out according to the actual situation of comprehensive comparison with overhead line after the decision.

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