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Fire retardant cable standard

Information Source:Henan Huadong Cable Co., Ltd  Release date:2014-02-26

1 low smoke halogen-free flame retardant (FOH) cable specification and test methods

(1) in flame retardant cable combustion control emissions of halogen acid gas and eliminate (or reduce) the smoke emission is very important. Halogen acid toxic, smoke blocking vision, in the fire to the affected people retreat and fire people shell fire department is extremely unfavorable. Combustion emissions of acid gas and the maximum corrosion, erosion of precision instruments and other facilities will be.

In order to reduce cable combustion emissions acid gas and smoke, do a lot of work to improve the flame retardant electrical system in traditional materials with and wire structure. Acid output can be reduced, but very difficult also to curb emissions of smoke, especially for PVC insulated cable and PVC sheath.

Although halogen cable can also reduce the acid output to around 5%, but only the use of halogen free cables can be up to 0% rows of acid. The underground railway station, ships, offshore oil drilling platform, nuclear power station, computer rooms and other facilities, cable, PVC insulated and sheathed have gradually been eliminated with FOH cable force.

(2) hydrogen chloride and other harmful gases determination.

IEC754 1 and JC8C fifty-third standard specifies a test method, can be measured from the halogen material cable out of the release of halogen acid in burning (atmosphere hydrogen explode outside) content. This method can only measure the maximum limit of 0.5%, therefore, the limit set for the actual "halogen-free" content. The halogen content of this side of the (HCl) and the whole cable combustion experiments of flue gas was not the same.

2 flame retardant (FR) cable standard and test methods

Flame retardant cable test is carried out in accordance with the test method of vertical combustion of single cable, the test of international has a total of seventeen. Reasonable is IEC332 - I (1979) regulations, China's GB2951 · 19 - 82 "wire wire burning test method" BC332 - 1 identical.

Through the experiment of single flame retardant cable when a plurality of cluster vertical laying, will lose its flame retardant, flame will be laid along the channel quickly spread, difficult to control. The flame retardant properties of flame retardant electrical system subjected to multiple cluster vertical laying test certainly is better than single laying the cable, called low extension cable. Low delay and reduce the spread of flame.

3 low extension cable standard and test methods

Low delay flame retardant cable standard and test method according to IEC332Par 3 interim provisions. When the flame retardant cable bundle vertical laying, its flame retardant properties vary according to each meter cable into a bundle containing the total volume of combustible materials in different test, divided them into 7 liters (equal to about 10Ks per metre PVC) 3.5 liters and 1.5 liters of three. According to IEC332Part3 a specific test methods and regulations third. According to IEBE standard 383 - 2.5 test methods and regulations made in 9.6 "atomic power cable".

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