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Introduction the bare wires and the bare conductor

Information Source:Henan Huadong Cable Co., Ltd  Release date:2014-02-27

Only the conductor without any insulation cable products called "bare wires and the bare conductor". In order to ensure the flow of current along the wire direction and electrical safety, external setting and line voltage adaptation of the insulation must be in the installation, such as space, the insulators. This kind of product itself does not indicate "the use of voltage".
This product is subject to study and develop a conductive metal materials with high conductivity, high strength, high heat resistance, corrosion resistance, abrasion resistance and other properties, as well as to non-ferrous metal pressure processing (hot rolling, cold drawing, stranding etc.) technology and equipment, preparation of conductive alloy smelting, nonferrous metal, high purity the modification research and technology development.

According to the structure and different purposes, divided into four categories

1, the bare single wire

Refers to the non-ferrous metal wire of different materials and sizes, can be divided into round wire (copper, aluminum and its alloys), flat wire (copper, aluminum and its alloys), a metal coating (tin, silver, nickel) for single and double wire (aluminum clad steel, copper clad aluminum, copper clad steel) etc.. Such products as supply a production of wire and cable products used.

2, the bare twisted wire

This is the leading product categories of products, as always mounted on a pole, traditionally known as the overhead conductors. Overhead conductor itself does not divide the voltage level, low pressure, medium pressure, high pressure from even the ultra high pressure principle can be used to traverse the same series of. But the 330 -- level 500kV, the conductor diameter size and surface roughness have special requirements, in order to reduce the conductor surface electric field of the surrounding corona (i.e. local electric air free, will increase the linesLoss).

Overhead conductor structure is simple, but its role is very important. In the power network, the line length accounted for more than 90% of the total, especially 110kV -- 500kV high voltage transmission, distribution line is accounted for the vast majority of. Bare wire from the structure can be divided into three types. Is a single metal wire cutter system, such as aluminum wire, copper wire, aluminum alloy wire; another is the steel wire to increase the tensile strength as the core, the outside ground on one or several layers of aluminum or aluminum alloy wire steel core aluminum stranded wire; the third is wire with double metal single line formed by stranding, such as aluminum clad steel wire. Steel cored aluminum strand is the most widely used species, because of the steel core under tension on the hanging on the pole, pole spacing can be increased to reduce the investment (especially the high-voltage lines) and prolong life, enhance the safety wire. Laying lines around the corrosive gases (such as salt spray, such as the chemical plant area), should be coated with anticorrosive steel core aluminum strand anticorrosive coatings.

Trend, new development is the overhead wire:

In the condition of not increasing the wire weight increase tensile strength and resistance to vibration, such as high strength aluminum alloy wire, self damping (vibration) wires;
Improving the long-term working temperature of conductor or conductive rate to increase transmission capacity, such as double capacity wire etc.;To prevent the wire surface ice ice preventing wires in cold area.

3, soft connection and braided wire

This is a kind of special purpose products many varieties, but the amount is less; such as electric machinery brush line, parallel line, antenna, battery, grounding and shielding net sleeve etc.. This product is made of fine copper wire through the beam hinge, complex twisted; storage battery parallel line usually made from flat (commonly known as braided line); shielding net series compiled, set in the requirements of shield wire.

4, wires and shapes

The product of the cross section shapes, not round called line; instead of using larger length product called profile. According to their use can be
Divided into three:

As high current busbar (also called bus) with copper, aluminum row material. Mostly flat, there are made of hollow rectangle and half bow shaped. Used in power plant, substation transmission of large capacity and flow used in switch cabinet. In recent years, also developed with insulated busbar layer.

This kind of wire for wire electrified railway contact net motor car city II, tram, tunnel (such as the subway, underground tunnel car) and other overhead conductors for. Due to the large scale development of city rail transit lines and electrified railway, the use of the contact wire (commonly known as the tram line, now referred to as the contact line) amount multiplied. The contact line technical requirements in addition to good conductivity and sufficient tensile strength and good weather resistance and anti corrosion resistance, excellent wear resistance is also very important, is directly related to service life.

The special row material is mainly used for various motor commutator element, and a variety of switches, knife knife head electrode. Section shape of trapezoid, unimodal shape, Shuangfeng shaped, made of copper or copper alloy.

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