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Advantages and application of prefabricated branch cable

Information Source:Henan Huadong Cable Co., Ltd  Release date:2014-02-27

1advantages of prefabricated branch cable from the above description can be seen, prefabricated branch cable in the professional chemical plant's production lines, production and manufacture with professional production equipment and a variety of special mould. The branch joint joint production is completed, and the main, branch cable original outer sheath layer effectively bonded into a whole. Therefore, with the traditional construction site processing cable branch joints or compared busbar is advanced in technology, has many advantages below:

1) the branch joint insulation treatment cost is greatly reduced;
2) site construction costs greatly reduced;
3) on-site construction period, a lot of time shorten;
4) site construction personnel, equipment to reduce the technical construction personnel requirements decline;
5) is not affected by the environmental conditions of the construction site, the limited space;
6) insulation performance and the main cables consistent branch connectors, insulation performance, high reliability;
7) with seismic, high waterproof, fireproof performance;
8) power supply safety, reliability, an effective opening rate of up to 100%;
9) wide application range, more varieties of different specifications;
10) the user can cable convenient choice of various specifications, models, section, length, as the main, branch cable match;
11) operational maintenance more intuitive.

2Application of prefabricated branch cable

With the strong growth of our national economy, all kinds of infrastructure, basic construction, real estate development speed, power cable used as all kinds of buildings, facilities, with the main trunk, and is the inevitable trend of history. Therefore, the construction units, design units, construction units are seeking more advanced, more economical, more superior performance, occupied space smaller, shorter construction period for the distribution of the construction technology and method. It is in such a historical environment, prefabricated branch cable strode into the electrical stage our country building.
1) in the construction of high-rise building, prefabricated branch cable can be widely used in residential building, office building, office building, business building, teaching building, research building and other high rise buildings, as the supply, distribution, use the main trunk cable;
2) at the airport, port as the airport runway lighting, port lighting, building facilities within the power supply and lighting of trunk cable;
3) in the tunnel can be used as a lighting power supply; in the mine can be used for lighting and power supply network;
4) in the transformation and the construction of city power grid, as the main, main power cable can be buried or overhead;
5) in modern standard factory building, is used as the main, main power cable;
6) in all kinds of buildings, facilities, floor, hall, pavilion, which, even sports facilities, swimming pool and so on, can be used as the main power cable, trunk.
7) other use of power cable occasions, such as ships, the main trunk ships, power system, can use prefabricated branch cable.

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