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The cable insulation problems

Information Source:Henan Huadong Cable Co., Ltd  Release date:2014-03-04

From the structure of cross-linked polyethylene cable can be seen in the outside of the main cable insulation layer, a layer of semiconductor and copper shield, if does not exist in this layer and semiconductor layer and the copper shield cable, then between the core and the core of three core cable insulation breakdown will not occur?

In the three core cable terminal head must have a short cable outer semiconductor and copper shielding layer are removed, then the short cable Is it right? Weakness?

Whether through less stripping except semiconductor and a copper shielding layer (try to keep the longer outer semiconductor and copper shielding layer) way to overcome this problem? Keep longer outside the semiconductor and copper shielding layer has what harm?

The so-called "shield" in cable structure, is essentially a kind of measures to improve the distribution of electric field. Cable conductor consists of a plurality of wires twisted together, the air gap formed between it and the insulating layer, the conductor surface is not smooth, will cause the electric field concentration. The shielding layer with a layer of semi conductive material the surface of conductor, and it was shielded conductors and insulating layer potential and good contact, thus avoiding the partial discharge occurring between the conductor and the insulating layer, this layer of shielding for the inner shielding layer; also can be in contact surface gap insulation and jacket, is factors causing partial discharge, the shielding layer insulation layer on the surface of a layer of semi conductive material, and it was shielded insulation has good contact, potential and metal jacket, thereby avoiding the partial discharge occurs between the layer and the sheath insulation, this layer of shielding for the external shielding layer; no metal sheath cables with extruded insulation, in addition to semi conductive shielding layer, but also increase the metal shielding layer is wrapped with copper or copper, the metal shielding layer, the capacitance current in normal operation; when a short circuit fault occurs, as the short circuit current channel, at the same time also played the role of shielding electric field. Visible, if does not exist in this layer and semiconductor layer and the copper shield cable between the core and the core, three core cable insulation breakdown in the possibility of very large.

Production of the cable terminal or connector strip main purpose of a small shielding layer is used to ensure high pressure of creepage distance of the shield, the fracture stress is concentrated, is a weak link! Proper measures must be taken to deal with stress. (stress cone or a stress tube etc.)

Stripping shield length to ensure that the creepage distance; reinforced insulation surface anti creepage ability as the basis. The shielding layer peeling too long will increase the difficulty of construction, increase the cost of unnecessary cable accessories.

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