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Need to pay attention to the wire and cable in the transportation and storage of details

Information Source:Henan Huadong Cable Co., Ltd  Release date:2014-03-04

1、The transportation is prohibited from high drop cable or cable tray is provided with a cable, particularly at low temperature (usually 5 ℃ and below), throw, drop cable will likely lead to insulation, sheath crack.

2、To avoid as much as possible in the open air to bare store the cable, cable tray does not allow flat.

3、The installation package, is strictly prohibited several disc and hoisting. In the transportation vehicle, ship, cable tray to be fixed in the right way, prevent mutual collision or fall, to prevent mechanical damage to the cables.

4、The cable is strictly prohibited and acid, alkali and mineral oil contact, to be stored and the corrosive substances. There are harmful gas insulation failure and corrosion of metal cable shall not be storage warehouse.

5、The cables in the deposit period, should be regularly rolling (summer 3 months time, the other seasons may delay). When rolling down the sides of the dish, the store roll up, lest the bottom surface wet rot. When storing should always pay attention to the cable head is intact.

6、The cable storage period to product the factory duration, generally not more than a year and a half, the length of not more than two years.

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