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House wire load

Information Source:Henan Huadong Cable Co., Ltd  Release date:2014-03-06

House wire used for single stranded copper core, also can choose the multi stranded copper core, more convenient electrician threading pipe. The section area has three main specifications, 1.5 square, 2.5 square, 4 square, 6 square. Copper wire of 6 square is mainly used for the main line into the household, home almost no or little, according to need to order.

1) 1.5 square wire for lighting and switch line, circuit wire generally used more, double color line, in order to distinguish colors. 1.5 square wire, 7.5-12A wire safety current, load can withstand 1650W-2640W.

2) 2.5 square copper wire generally used for socket line and branch, 2.5 square wire load need to see is a wire laying, working temperature of conductor, whether through pipe and other factors. At room temperature, usually air 35 degrees of single too current 21 amperes. 4.6KW 220V can withstand the maximum load, maximum load 380V can withstand approximately 11KW

3) 4 square copper wire for special line circuit line and air conditioning, electric water heater, etc.. Copper core 4 square that apply the maximum allowable load flow about 35-40A, i.e. 7-8KW load. Pipe load flow to play 20 percent off wire wear.

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