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Classification, aerial cable installation and Application

Information Source:Henan Huadong Cable Co., Ltd  Release date:2014-03-06

Overhead cable line consists of overhead cable line hanging and self-supporting aerial cable line.

Including overhead cable line hanging wire laying: hanging, hanging plate, the selection of installation of cloth hanging, hanging connection, do end, tighten the wire etc..
The erection of suspension of all plastic cable line pre hanging hook, the movable pulley side on the side hanging method, fixed pulley traction and automotive traction pulley hanging method.

Self-supporting aerial cable line, do not need another erection of suspension and hanging cable hook, but must use self-supporting special iron pieces, as long as installed curved groove clamping device can be laying cable, and then tighten the bearing steel wire, terminal.

Aerial cable is the cable rack hanging from the ground with a cable building height pole, compared with underground cables, though more easily influenced by outside factors, lack of security, the appearance is not beautiful, but the construction is simple, low cost of construction, so far away from the office, fewer users and changes in the larger, have laying underground cable difficult place is still widely used.

High voltage overhead cable generally use the full plastic cable 300 on the following, because the cable itself has a certain weight, the poor mechanical strength, so in addition to self-supporting cables, must set up another messenger wire and cable tray, hung on the hanging hook for the following.
Overhead cable model consists of many, mainly has: rated voltage of 10kV overhead insulated cables, aerial insulated cables of rated voltage 35kV, rated insulation aerial cable, cable lkv and below voltage overhead cable, XLPE cable, so be sure to watch cable in the selection of cable types, performance and application of cable so as to better.

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