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Optical fiber and cable which lower prices?

Information Source:Henan Huadong Cable Co., Ltd  Release date:2014-03-07

Fiber optic cable, how can let a person feel content of science and technology it is, a look reminiscent of communication, even a look at these two words, is reminiscent of the mobile telecommunication, this type of company.

This not only makes people think, cable must be very expensive, high-tech, communication products, large companies use products. In fact, as long as you understand the cable material itself, that it will be cheaper. Cable mainly plays the role of information transmission, the transmission of information is true by optical fiber and cable inside to complete, at this time, there will be people ask, the optical fiber is very expensive, it is made of what material? Optical fiber, as the name suggests, is the optical glass fibers. Raw material fiber is the same as we often contact glass, but glass fiber than purity silica is much higher.

The same data transmission function of the product and communication cable, coaxial cable, super five lines, these cables in the transmission function is copper wire. As the copper as a strategic material, are scarce resources, resulting in copper prices continue to rise, so that the cable prices and costs are constantly rising.

Copper, as a good conductor of electricity, transport current is very good material, but the transmission of data information, not the best choice. Compared with the cable, the cable is much higher than the cost of cable, and the transmission capacity, and lower than the cable much. Therefore, regardless of the cost, size, weight, convenient construction speaking, the cable is very obvious advantages.

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