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The fault core search method of flame retardant cable

Information Source:Henan Huadong Cable Co., Ltd  Release date:2014-03-08

With the rapid development of China's economy, the cable industry has also made great progress. Cable many kinds according to the use of the properties of different flame retardant cable, cable, computer cable, control cable and other one hundred kinds of. In the past decades, China cable manufacturing by the formation of the productive force, let the world sit up and take notice. In China's power industry, railway industry, communication industry, automobile industry and mine industry scale unceasing expansion, demand for wire and cable are also growing rapidly, the cable industry has a great space in the future development will be. The cable may be some fault in the use of the time, such as the breakdown of the cable, cable conductor core fracture damage, some fault. Flame retardant cable conductor in the section of the small area, as may be broken cable, extrusion process in the production of time. So how to check the fire retardant cable breakage?

One: electrical capacitance method

Practice in this aspect some cable factory is usually used in comparison to find the line capacitance, the approximate position. Cable with continuous electric way to correct disconnection point, in this way the efficiency is very low. To find a break point to about 1.5 hours. This method has been completed in the shield, armor, flame retardant cable sheath procedure, almost impossible to find the fault core, made bad words will make the flame retardant cable scrap. This method is now basically has no.

Two: the combination of capacitance method and inductive method:

This method is used in the fault core cable core, this requires the cable cores without the coating metal layer and no extruded sheath. The approximate location in the search when the first to find out the cable capacitance, and then use the induction voltage method in search of break point accurately, this method is very simple and quick, is currently the most used method. The induced voltage is connected to the 650V at one end of the AC voltage fault core of the cable, the other end and other core grounding, and then can be sent to the induction pen light signal testing, test when the induction pen from sliding out of the fault core, signal will change, it can accurately find cable break point the.

Three: the constant current source and the bridge method

This method is used to complete the cable or the cable core is coated with metal layer. Is the use of search method is to use a constant current source will be burnt, broken core insulation breakdown at the flame retardant cable, and then using the electric bridge method fault locator accurate fault location, a method is often used in.

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