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The rolling wheel to turn over the sector core cable

Information Source:Henan Huadong Cable Co., Ltd  Release date:2014-03-09

Three core larger section or four core power cable conductive wire core, the sector structure, which can greatly reduce the cable diameter, saves the cable sheath material, so that the cost is reduced by 15% ~ 20%, so it has better economic benefit.

Our company in the past the fan-shaped insulating wire core cabling, sometimes wire core can turn over, this not only to reduce the cable core diameter, and reduce the design cost, and will seriously damage the cable, l cable in order to prevent the appearance of wire core rolled, frequent pre twisted wire core, not only affect the productivity, but also to pre twisting equipment damage. In order to solve this problem, the principle of demonstration and practical test, we found the following a simple set of fan-shaped rolling wheel device, can completely eliminate sector core cable turning problem.

1 measures

In each sector core into twisted front, each with a pair of the fan-shaped rolling wheel, fixed to make relative angle of each sector cable cutter seat of core and the auger shaft core, this sector rolling wheel, can be applied to all sector or semi circular core, and it will not damage the line core insulation. The specific size in figure, is determined by the outer diameter of the bearing selection.

 2 The principle that

To ensure that the sector core roundness of the cable stranded after, in each cable pitch, the core must have curved outer certain, should also turn a week. Once the core torsion properly, will turn over. In each sector core cutter seat, relative angle of the fan-shaped rolling wheel to control the line core and auger axis, can make each fan line core uniform torsion in the cabling process, and to ensure that in each cable pitch within each wire has a torsional deformation of a week, so that the fan line core a cable movement is in accordance with the law.
The author also found, fan-shaped core principle of cable and sheathed steel cable winding is the same. We can put the fan wire arc as arc steel, cable and other parts of the circle just as arc strip to wrap. Such a comparison, can make everybody from the steel wheel

3 casting water cooling machine

Cooling water for cooling crystallization roller and strip. Nozzle cooling water is through the special design of manufacturing processing. By the cooling water steel nozzle should be a bowl shaped, the strip cooling uniformity. Cooling water cooling crystallization wheel, is ejected from the spray head should be in a fan shape. The cooling water cooling crystallization wheel section around, which determines the radiation direction casting billet and slab internal columnar crystal formation direction.
Cooling water has a total of 8 regions, namely the strip District 1, District 2 I strip crystallization wheel l medicine, the crystallization wheel 2 medicine, two lateral crystallization wheel side cooling zone; roller cooling medicine, ejector cooling zone. Cooling area important for steel L, the crystallization wheel l medicine and roller cold to the District, the three cooling zone determines the billet internal quality control and other cooling area is cast into the rolling temperature, crystallization temperature and the temperature of the steel belt. In general, steel L and the crystallization wheel I district cooling water pressure control in about 0.1MPa, other regional control in about 0.2MPa, can be adjusted according to the actual production situation. Get inspiration, to know and the important role of the rolling wheel assembly sector.

4 operation

(1) fan rolling wheel angle adjustment 8 sector 3 on rolling wheel is composed of, if I into the cage axis translation, their combination should be close to a circle. A cable winch platform, according to sector wire in the opposite position in a rolling wheel, not a big squeeze prevail. Fan rolling wheel device shall be capable of adjusting angle.
(2) pre twist adjustment to make fan and fan rolling wheel core in the natural position, not a big torque shall prevail.
(3) the normal operation of a fan-shaped rolling wheel cable during normal production, may not be in the line of plate
Fan line core perspective toward the Ying Yu, not Wei conductor length restrictions, it is not in use pre twist and Invariant Dynamic coral shaped rolling wheel angle case can not turn over. The adjustment process is the most simple method: first orange open dysentery shape rolling wheel, production and use of pre twist; open Shun (only needs to produce 2 ~ 3 pitch length) according to (1) and (2) the method were adjusted, and fixed fan rolling wheel angle and adjustment of pre twisted, then can start the normal high-speed cable production.

4 Conclusion

(1) the stop sector core cable turning method is feasible. Our company has the actual production has been fully proved to be.
(2) the method to satisfy the sector core cable process design to provide a reliable guarantee, can reduce the labor intensity, and improve labor productivity.
(3) the method is simple, easy to implement, easy operation, good effect.
(4) the method is also applicable for semi circular core cable. For the irregular wire strand can also follow this method. Under special circumstances, the crystallization wheel area 1 and the crystallization wheel area 2 water pressure may be equal, approx. 0.1 MPa. Control of the cooling water flow rate and pressure, will directly affect the crystallization wheel and steel service life and quality of billet, improper control of cooling water, will burn the crystallization wheel cavity, so that the strip deformation.

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