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Waterproof structure of cable

Information Source:Henan Huadong Cable Co., Ltd  Release date:2014-03-10

One,waterproof structure type, cable:

For the XLPE insulation medium voltage power cable, usually have the following kinds of waterproof structure:

1 for the single core cable, the insulating shielding layer is wrapped on the cable semi conductive hose, metal shielding layer is wrapped outside the ordinary water, and then extruded outer sheath, the sheath material can be an ordinary PVC, can also be used with water resistance function of radial HDPE material, can be seen in other performance cable requirement. For three core cables, in order to ensure sufficient contact between the metal shield, only in the insulation shielding outside wrapped single resistance on hose, metal shield no longer winding hose, depending on performance requirements of waterproof, filling the ordinary filling or water blocking filling, inner layer and an outer sheath material of the same single core cable in the.

2 in the outer sheath or lining internal longitudinal covering aluminum-plastic composite layer as waterproof layer.

3 directly on the cable outer sheath extruded HDPE.

For the 110kV class above XLPE insulated cable, is mainly used for metal protecting layer so that the cable watertight. The biggest characteristic of metal shield is a completely impermeable, cable has metal sheath with radial water resistance performance is very good. The metal shield of the main types: hot aluminum sleeve, hot lead sets, welding, welding wrinkles wrinkle aluminum sleeve steel, cold drawn metal sleeve etc..

Two, waterproof cable form:

Waterproof cable is generally divided into the longitudinal water resistance and radial diameter water two. Longitudinal water resistance commonly used are water resistant yarn, resisting powder and water, water resistance mechanism of them is with a water swellable material in these materials, when the moisture from the end of cables or enter from the sheath defects, this material will expand rapidly to prevent moisture longitudinally along the cable further diffusion water, so as to realize the purpose of longitudinal waterproof cable. The water resistance of radial mainly through extruded HDPE non metallic sheath or hot pressing, welding, cold drawn metal sheath way.

Three, waterproof cable test basis:

Waterproof test cable, water resistance properties of the longitudinal cable through the IEC 60502-1997 ANNEX D (normative) or GB/T 12706.2-2002 appendix D (standard directory) permeability test to test and judge; and cable radial water resistance, the current is mainly determined by the indirect method, such as check HDPE non metallic sheathed or non metal sheath is defective, if the sheath is determined as well, so that the cable has good performance of radial water resistance. But this approach has many users have raised some questions, also caused some disputes, the lack of convincing, so cable manufacturers and users are in urgent need of a test method for cable radial water resistance make judgement, so you can avoid the manufacturers and users because of the lack of water resistance test method of radial and on cable radial water resistance caused controversy.

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