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The types and effects of earth wire

Information Source:Henan Huadong Cable Co., Ltd  Release date:2014-03-10

Grounding technique has been applied widely and deeply in the modern electronic field. Electronic equipment "and" usually has two meanings: one is "the earth" (safely), another is the "reference" (signal). Grounding is a low resistance conductive pathway between the system and a reference potential surface. "The ground" is a reference to the potential on the earth, and the earth as zero potential, the metal shell, circuit of reference point of electronic equipment is connected with the earth. Because of the very large capacitance, generally considered the potential for zero. The beginning, grounding technology is mainly used in electric power system, then, the grounding technology applied to weak current system. In weak current system grounding is not generally refers to the true sense and the earth. For the power electronic equipment will be ground is connected directly to the earth or connected to a reference potential as a conductor, when the current through the reference potential, grounding is a common reference point in the circuit, the voltage of this circuit is 0V, every other point voltage are in the the reference point for the benchmark, the voltage data is highlighted in the circuit diagram are relatively grounding terminal size, this can greatly facilitate the voltage measurement in repair. Between the same ground connection known as the ground. The ground connection plane and the earth, often due to the following reasons: to improve the stability of the equipment circuit system, electrostatic discharge, and guarantee the safety of staff. Objective: grounding safety considerations, namely the protective earthing. Provide a zero potential stable point of reference voltage signal (signal or system) shield protection.

One, type and function of ground of different circuits are not the same grounding, grounding mode of common electronic power device in the following:

1, safety grounding
Housing safety grounding is high pressure equipment is connected with the earth. One is to prevent housing accumulation charge, electrostatic discharge equipment and endanger the personal safety, such as grounding computer chassis, tank truck that dragged on the ground of the tail, is to make the accumulation charge together release, to prevent the emergence of accident; the two is when the insulation damage to equipment and the casing is charged urges action to protect the power supply, and cut off the power supply, in order to protect the safety of staff, such as refrigerators, electric rice cooker shell. Three is the electric field shielding equipment giant, to play a protective role, such as civil transformer protective fence.

2, lightning protection and grounding
When the power electronic equipment in case of lightning, whether direct or induction thunder lightning, if the lack of appropriate protection, power electronic equipment will greatly damage even scrapped. In order to prevent lightning, we generally in high places (such as the roof, chimney top) a lightning rod and connect with the earth, endanger the safety of equipment and personnel to prevent lightning strike. Safety grounding and lightning protection grounding for electronic power equipment or personnel to provide security protection measures, to protect the safety of equipment and operators.

3, working grounding
Grounding is a reference potential and provide for the normal operation of the circuit. The reference potential is generally set to zero. The reference potential can be set to a specific point in a circuit system, a section or a block. When the reference voltage is not with the earth connection, as zero potential relative. But the relative zero potential is not stable, it will change with the external magnetic field, the system parameter changes, resulting in the circuit system instability. When the reference potential and the earth connection, the reference potential as zero potential of the earth, and will not change with the external electromagnetic field and change. But the unreasonable working ground but will increase the circuit interference. For example, interference grounding due to incorrect, interference common end electronic equipment are not connected properly and produce. In order to effectively control circuit to produce all kinds of interference in the work, so that it can meet the electromagnetic compatibility principle. We in the design of the circuit, the circuit properties, can be divided into the following working grounding into different types, such as DC, AC, digital, analog, signal, power, power supply etc.. Different earthing shall be respectively set. Don't mix them together in a circuit, such as analog ground and digital ground is not altogether a ground wire, otherwise the two circuit generates interference is very strong, so that the circuit paralysis!

4, signal
Signal ground is a common reference ground of various physical quantities of zero potential signal source. Because the signal is weak, vulnerable to interference, no reasonable ground makes circuit interference, so the higher requirement to the signal ground.

5, simulation
Simulation is a common reference ground simulation circuit of zero potential. In analog circuits, small signal amplifier circuit, a multi-stage amplifier, rectifier circuit, voltage stabilizing circuit and so on, improper grounding will cause interference, affect the normal operation of the circuit. In analog circuit grounding of the circuit is of great significance, it is one of the normal work of the whole circuit. So the analog circuits in proper grounding of the circuit can not be ignored.

6, the digital earth
Digital is a common reference ground digital circuits with zero potential. Due to the digital circuit operates on pulse condition, especially the back edge of the pulse is steep or high frequency, will produce electromagnetic interference circuit a lot. If the ground is not reasonable, will make the disturbance intensified, so the digital ground point selection and grounding wire laying should consider.

7, the power supply
The power supply is a common reference ground zero power potential. Because the power supply and power supply are to each unit in the system, and the power supply characteristics and parameters of each unit requirements may vary greatly, thus to ensure reliable power work, but also to ensure stable and reliable work. Power is generally negative source.

8, power
Power is a common reference ground zero potential load circuit or power drive circuit. Because the current is strong, high voltage load circuit or power drive circuit, if the grounding wire resistance is large, will produce significant voltage drop caused great disturbance, so the power ground noise. So the power must be provided and other weak current, to ensure that the whole system is stable and reliable work.

The shielding and grounding should be used in conjunction, can play a good shielding effect. The main is to consider the electromagnetic compatibility, the two shield is typical electrostatic shielding and alternating electric field shielding, are explained below:|

Electrostatic shielding: when using metal shield complete will be charged conductor surrounded, inside the shield will induce charge and conductor with heterogeneous, appears on the outside the same charge and conductor equal, therefore the outside still have the presence of electric field. If the metal shield grounding, the lateral charge will flow to the earth, metal shell outside there will be no electric field, electric field is equivalent to the shell of the charged body is blocked up.

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