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Huadong cable Co.,Ltd environmental protection paper cable

Information Source:Henan Huadong Cable Co., Ltd  Release date:2014-03-10

What is the environmental protection cable? Low smoke halogen-free cable Is it right? Is "environmental protection cable"? In fact, as we all know, the content of halogen cable structure materials in less than 0.5% of the cable, called low smoke halogen-free cable. Usually the international halogen content of 0.5% as a zero halogen content. This class only distributed in fire conditions of white smoke, cable do not emit toxic and corrosive gas, is to meet the people in the world to strengthen the consciousness of environmental protection and attach great importance to the safety psychology. Then there have been all kinds of name, for example: green, environmental protection, green environmental protection cable cable cable, there may be other name, let many users will. Although they both refer to the same kind of products, but are not entirely in the sense of "environmental protection cable". The harmful heavy metal environmental protection type cable with flame retardant, low smoke, non halogen, low toxicity, no lead, cadmium, fire is not easy to burn and smoke safety characteristics of small, very high, and will not cause harm to the environment, consistent with the requirements of the ecological and environmental protection, is a kind of green product. "Environmental protection cable" refers to the cable does not contain any substances harmful to the environment is not only the cable, halogen, there are all kinds of harmful heavy metals.

"Environmental protection cable" has the following advantages:

1, high flame retardancy: environmental protection cable fully guarantee the fire protection requirements of high buildings, fire cable does not burn easily, and can prevent the spread of flame after burning and disaster.
2, no halogen: the green environmental protection insulation, sheath and oxygen special layer material, not only has the good electrical properties, mechanical properties, and ensure that the product does not contain halogen, solves its combustion formed "two pollution", to avoid the traditional PVC wires produced during combustion can be carcinogenic "dioxin" material.
3, low toxin: heavy metals do not contain lead, cadmium and other insulation and sheath is harmful to human body, no pollution to the soil, water use and waste disposal in the cable. And the toxicity of harsh, rats in the experimental conditions under the provisions of the safe and sound.
4, do not produce corrosion gas: the new special coating material, no pollution to the environment, does not produce toxic gas such as HCL production, use process and combustion emissions, acid gas rarely, of personnel and equipment, equipment damage, more environmental protection characteristics.
5, high transmittance: cable combustion of smoke is extremely thin, conducive to the personnel evacuation and fire fighting work. Product transmittance rate more than 40%, far higher than the traditional flame retardant type cable transmission rate is less than 20% standard.
6, waterproof, anti ultraviolet radiation: the green environmental protection material special molecular structure, ensure the ultra low water absorption rate. Special UV absorber, so that the product has good anti UV function. Ensure that the use of security products, prolonging the service life.

Huadong cable using the new technology, is committed to the economy, the concept of environmental protection, to provide the best service and cables!

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